Thursday, February 20, 2014

The longest road to recovery....Ever

Obviously that blog title is a gross exaggeration of how long it's taken me to recover from a surgery that was only 5 weeks ago.  But for me, it is the longest 5 weeks of my life.

I feel like this little sad fish in the glass fish bowl.  I'm stuck at home- limited to what I can do or where I go. 

On top of the painful cramps, I look like I'm 6 months pregnant!  Apparently that's a normal side effect from the surgery and my doctor assured me that the swelling should go down.  I was able to go to church last Sunday after several weeks of absence, and wore a very loose dress to hide my stomach.  Of course, one elderly lady asked me if I was expecting.  I told her I wasn't and that was our cue to leave church early. 

Later that day, Moe poked my stomach and asked me, "So if I poked your stomach, is something small going to kick me?" I told him the only thing that was going to kick him was MY FOOT

I'm sure my attitude will improve once the swelling goes down and I'm able to get back to exercising and eating right.  (It's easier for me to stick to a healthier diet when I'm exercising)

There have been some advantages to recovering at home:

* I don't worry about cooking (though I am getting tired of take outs)

* I binge watched all seasons of:  Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, and a reality show Bar Rescue 

* I have more time reading. I read an average of 2 books a week.

* I sleep in.

* It was nice to have friends bring goodies home and my friend Natalie would often pick me up so I can get out of the house and we would just hang out at her house.

* RM is a great caregiver and Moe has taken over most of the household chores. 

* I have more time blogging!

Wow, after reading all the advantages, I really shouldn't be complaining! I think I need to re-evaluate and enjoy this guilt free time that I have to sit around.

I may feel like I'm in a fish bowl, but at least it's a comfortable fish bowl.

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tammy said...

Girlie!!! I wish I lived closer to you so I could come visit.I need to drag you out for some shenanigans!!! Love you. Take a deep breath and recovery will come in time. <3