Thursday, March 6, 2014

True Friendships

I have been blessed to have made wonderful friends over the years.  I wish I could have them all in one place and keep everyone from moving away.  There are friends for every season and even when one moves away.....true friendships remain intact no matter the distance.  It takes a little more work to keep in touch, but you know you have a strong friendship when you can go several months to an entire year and pick up where you left off.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to a dear friend who has been more sister than friend.

I instantly liked Natalie the moment I met her.  She was one of the first persons that introduced herself to us the first Sunday we attended the Folsom ward. I started to get to know her better when we joined a weight loss group, then we became closer as we went to the temple together on a regular basis. It's been a great friendship ever since.

I also became close to Natalie's girls, especially her two oldest daughters.  When RM would travel, and I was alone at home, and feeling slightly depressed, Natalie would suggest that I spend time with her two oldest daughters, Ashley and Katie. It became a win-win situation, I was able to experience girly things if I had my own daughters (shopping, baking,...) and Natalie was able to spend quality time with her other children.

Natalie and her kids reminded me a lot of my younger sister J and her children.  It was a devastating loss when my sister J decided not to talk to me 4 years ago. Her children are also no longer in my life.  It was heartbreaking because I was very close to her children especially her daughters.  Natalie and her kids helped fill that loss for me.

My sister J's latest offense will make it harder for me to trust her again, but I'm hoping that one day we can reconcile.  When Natalie told me that she was moving to the South, we both broke down crying. I tearfully told her that she reminded me of my sister J, except she was a lot nicer.  We both laughed at that sad, but true statement.

I'm going to miss hanging out at Natalie's home.

I'll miss going to the temple with her.

I'll miss picking up her girls to go do something simple as grocery shopping.

I'll miss that she lived only a mile away....

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tammy said...

It's such a blessing to have friends like that. I miss having friends. I know...sounds dumb, but true. Between work and family I barely have any time to have that friend thing. Cherish that sweet family. I'm sure this season of your life means you will be the Natalie to someone else.