Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

I went down memory lane and read a few of my blog posts and I was amazed at how much time I spent being depressed!  It's one thing to acknowledge that I went through several years of depression, it's quite another when you read about it in your own blog!

I was an emotional wreck!

Thank goodness I took charge of my emotional and physical health last spring and stopped feeling sorry for myself.

The journey to to being fit and healthy started with the decision after my surgery in January 2014.  After a few months of recovery from surgery, it was time to get fit!

I started going to Zumba classes regularly in April.  After a few weeks of Zumba, I incorporated Body Pump classes which is a strength training class with weights. 

Within two months I was going to the gym 6 days a week and switched to a Paleo diet.

At the end of July, I dropped one dress size.  By October, I dropped two dress sizes.  

In November and December, I was still going to the gym more regularly, but I backed off on the intensity in my training and in my "diet".  I started to splurge a little more into the holiday festivities and treats but I NEVER took my eye off my fitness goals.  

I remembered the sweat, tears, and dedication it took to drop the dress sizes and I did not want to go back to feeling weak, tired, fat, and bloated.  

Finally it felt good to feel STRONG!

When the New Year rolled around, it was the FIRST time that my New Year's goal was NOT this:

"Start Exercising"

Instead these are the goals I listed for the New Year:

  • Lift Heavier
  • Get Stronger
  • Continue getting Healthier
I still have a long way before I reach the fitness goals that I want to attain, but it feels so damn good to wake up New Year's Day and not feel like crap!!!

And another great thing about my fitness goals? 
 I got this big guy to support me.
He's been great in pushing me to work out harder, smarter, and better.

I'm a lucky gal.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Highlights Christms 2014

I know  it's almost February 2015 and my first post of the new year is about our Christmas holiday from last year!  It's always been fun to read past Christmases so I had to post some of the highlights of our Christmas year before I move on to what I've been up to so far this year.

 Christmas season begins on the day we pick up a Christmas Tree! 
 RM and Moe set a family record
 by picking a Christmas tree under 30 minutes!  
Though it's a chilly night, that doesn't prevent my boys from wearing shorts.

 We have a deal every year that if they want me to bake, 
they have to clean the living room and decorate the tree by themselves. 
 I think that's a fair deal!

 I made jam pocket pies and jumbo lemon poppy seed muffins. 
 We don't do mini desserts in this house!

 I'm in a baking frenzy during the Christmas season!  
This year I made the New Zealand Brandy raisin cake or as most Polynesians call it "fruit cake". 
 But it taste so much better than a traditional fruit cake!

 Every Christmas Eve we take a drive to my sister's house in Castro Valley located in the East Bay, less than a 2 hour drive from our home.  Traditionally our Christmas Eve is always bigger than Christmas Day festivities.  

This Christmas Eve was nice because my mother was feeling better. 

My nephew Tommy and Moe are both only children. 
 So they have a special bond and my sister and I were present at each of our boy's birth's!

 We had so much fun on Christmas Eve we didn't leave my sister's home until 1am in the morning and arrived home at about 2:30am!

I slept in until 9am on Christmas morning, got into my brand new PJ's (mom always gets me and my sister new PJ's every year) and my new Christmas socks and enjoyed a few hours by myself on Christmas morning before "my boys' woke up.

 Moe and RM finally woke up to open up Stocking stuffer gifts
 and then Moe promptly went back to bed.  
RM and I went to Starbucks for peppermint hot chocolate and pastries
 and came back home and went right back into bed!

 Moe has been working temporarily until he goes back to school 
and bought this beautiful bangle bracelet for me with his first paycheck!
  The boy has good taste!

 The great thing about having Christmas with just our family is that there's no time table! 
 We eat when we feel like it! 
Traditionally RM makes the main dishes for our major holidays so he cooked, 
while I relaxed and took pictures!

 We wanted a Polynesian feast for our Christmas dinner.  Pictured here is deep fried fish topped with coconut cream and onions.  

 RM made a delicious leg of lamb with asparagus.

 We invited a cousin of RM's who lived in the next town for dinner and after dinner sang songs and played music.

One song that they were practicing is "Hallelujah", it was a beautiful rendition with the lyrics changed to the birth of the savior.  Cousin Will is a phenomenal vocalist, RM is a talented musician and is awesome in arranging music, and Moe has become quite an accomplished guitarist.

As for my musical talent....I'm great at humming!

Another great Christmas!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

I took a long hiatus from blogging because as much as I was wanted to write what was going on in our lives, my friend Natalie introduced me to Instagram and convinced me to create an account so we can see pictures of some of the events going in our lives.

Basically Instagram replaced blogging!

On Instagram, you get the acknowledgement that your picture is approved and viewed by the amount of likes you get on your picture.

On Blogging, you get the sound of crickets.  When you don't have comments, you have no idea if anyone is reading.  However, there is the satisfaction that you can create a blog book at the end of each year for your descendants to read.  You hope your descendants are inspired by your story and learn through all your highs and lows.

I don't think Instagram can achieve that.

However this is a Thanksgiving post.  Here are just a few of the things that I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving.  (FYI:  The turkey is still cooking and it will take another hour before we eat and I'm really hungry, so to ignore the hunger pains....I'll blog!)

I'm grateful that late spring my mother treated all her girls and their families
for an all expense paid 3 night trip to Asilomar Monterey California.  
We stayed at this beautiful lodge right across the Pacific Grove Beach. 
 This was the first time my sisters, their spouses,
 and families were together in one event.  
Though we are not related by blood, we are united in our love 
for a mother who gave us a safe haven to call home, a refuge from the chaos, a place where love, and trust,  was built steadily over the years.

I am grateful for my health! 
This picture was taken two months ago and I lost 12 lbs at the time, but
I gained more muscle and lost inches.
 To date, I have lost 20 pounds and counting!

I'm grateful that our entire family is getting healthy. 
 RM has lost 50 pounds and Moe has lost over 50 pounds. 
 It helps when you're family is on the same page
 when it comes to health and fitness. 
 Early this Thanksgiving morning RM and I
were at the gym at 6am and Moe worked out later.  
Though it's Thanksgiving, we wanted to get a good work out
and still be mindful of how we eat.

 I am grateful for extended family, especially RM's family.
This summer we went to Utah for a family reunion
 to meet family members of RM that Moe and I haven't met.
Moe was reunited with cousins he had not seen since he was in preschool.

 (sad attempt of a selfie on the Gondola ride, can't seem to keep my eyes from being crossed!)
I am grateful for my husband.  He is the real deal.  
A man's character is judged not by how he acts in front of the world,
 but rather how he acts within the walls of his own home.  
After visiting with family out of state for a few weeks, RM took me (sans Moe) to a fun weekend in Lake Tahoe.
Another great thing about RM?  He's fun to be with!  
All we did was laugh, eat, and relax. 

I am grateful that Mitchell has cousins that he loves
and that is closer to his age.

As an only child, Moe's cousins are like his brothers and sisters.
I'm especially grateful for that.

They're having a fun night out
before they depart to college and church missions.

I am grateful to discover new hobbies like being a member of Toastmasters to refine my speaking and communication skills and.... being a foodie amateur photographer! We started a Paleo way of eating early this summer and I wanted to take pictures of the dishes that I was making.  I wanted to take pictures that looked like they belonged to a cooking magazine.  My love for food photography deserves it's own post....more about that in the near future.

A fun thing to be grateful for....
the SF Giants third World Series Title within a 5 year period!
 (SF Giants championship mantra)

RM believes that when you watch an important game on TV,
it's important to have your game face on and wear your team's apparel.

RM has been a fan of the Giants since the 80s,
I've been a fan since I grew up in the SF Bay Area.
And Moe loved the SF Giants before he really knew what they were.
 We are definitely not  SF Giants bandwagon fans.

I am grateful that this year, I finally got it.
 I finally understood what lay beneath all the
 anger, hurt, and disappointments.
In order to start healing physically and emotionally, I had to step away from commitments and responsibilities outside of my family.  It was draining me.
RM helped me to realize that there would be people who wouldn't understand my decisions, but as long as I felt at peace with it,
 I had to stand firm with those decisions.
It saddens me that for almost 10 years, I've been existing and not living.
 I let all the disappointments of life break me.  No more.
 I am taking charge of my life, focusing on what I can control.
 And the things that I can't control?  I leave that to Heavenly Father.

I am grateful for Whole Foods Thanksgiving pre-made dinners!  When it's only the three of you for Thanksgiving, it makes more sense to buy your dinners premade.  I'm getting used to having Holiday dinners with our little family of three.  I'll always be the kind of person that enjoys having big family gatherings more, but I love our tight knit family.
We enjoy each other's company and we have great conversations.

I am very grateful for my beautiful family of three.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

True Friendships

I have been blessed to have made wonderful friends over the years.  I wish I could have them all in one place and keep everyone from moving away.  There are friends for every season and even when one moves away.....true friendships remain intact no matter the distance.  It takes a little more work to keep in touch, but you know you have a strong friendship when you can go several months to an entire year and pick up where you left off.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to a dear friend who has been more sister than friend.

I instantly liked Natalie the moment I met her.  She was one of the first persons that introduced herself to us the first Sunday we attended the Folsom ward. I started to get to know her better when we joined a weight loss group, then we became closer as we went to the temple together on a regular basis. It's been a great friendship ever since.

I also became close to Natalie's girls, especially her two oldest daughters.  When RM would travel, and I was alone at home, and feeling slightly depressed, Natalie would suggest that I spend time with her two oldest daughters, Ashley and Katie. It became a win-win situation, I was able to experience girly things if I had my own daughters (shopping, baking,...) and Natalie was able to spend quality time with her other children.

Natalie and her kids reminded me a lot of my younger sister J and her children.  It was a devastating loss when my sister J decided not to talk to me 4 years ago. Her children are also no longer in my life.  It was heartbreaking because I was very close to her children especially her daughters.  Natalie and her kids helped fill that loss for me.

My sister J's latest offense will make it harder for me to trust her again, but I'm hoping that one day we can reconcile.  When Natalie told me that she was moving to the South, we both broke down crying. I tearfully told her that she reminded me of my sister J, except she was a lot nicer.  We both laughed at that sad, but true statement.

I'm going to miss hanging out at Natalie's home.

I'll miss going to the temple with her.

I'll miss picking up her girls to go do something simple as grocery shopping.

I'll miss that she lived only a mile away....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The longest road to recovery....Ever

Obviously that blog title is a gross exaggeration of how long it's taken me to recover from a surgery that was only 5 weeks ago.  But for me, it is the longest 5 weeks of my life.

I feel like this little sad fish in the glass fish bowl.  I'm stuck at home- limited to what I can do or where I go. 

On top of the painful cramps, I look like I'm 6 months pregnant!  Apparently that's a normal side effect from the surgery and my doctor assured me that the swelling should go down.  I was able to go to church last Sunday after several weeks of absence, and wore a very loose dress to hide my stomach.  Of course, one elderly lady asked me if I was expecting.  I told her I wasn't and that was our cue to leave church early. 

Later that day, Moe poked my stomach and asked me, "So if I poked your stomach, is something small going to kick me?" I told him the only thing that was going to kick him was MY FOOT

I'm sure my attitude will improve once the swelling goes down and I'm able to get back to exercising and eating right.  (It's easier for me to stick to a healthier diet when I'm exercising)

There have been some advantages to recovering at home:

* I don't worry about cooking (though I am getting tired of take outs)

* I binge watched all seasons of:  Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, and a reality show Bar Rescue 

* I have more time reading. I read an average of 2 books a week.

* I sleep in.

* It was nice to have friends bring goodies home and my friend Natalie would often pick me up so I can get out of the house and we would just hang out at her house.

* RM is a great caregiver and Moe has taken over most of the household chores. 

* I have more time blogging!

Wow, after reading all the advantages, I really shouldn't be complaining! I think I need to re-evaluate and enjoy this guilt free time that I have to sit around.

I may feel like I'm in a fish bowl, but at least it's a comfortable fish bowl.

Friday, February 14, 2014

This Must Be Love....

- You find yourself craving for chocolate and as you scour the cupboards for a chocolate fix....your hubby magically presents you a King Sized Butterfingers Candy Bar. 

- When you're having a bad day, he's developed the sixth sense when to offer words of encouragement, or just hold you while you're crying and not say a single word.

- You make a silly joke that you're son thinks is lame, but your hubby is laughing hysterically as if you were the funniest person in the world.

- You're standing in the middle of the kitchen overwhelmed with thoughts of work and trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  He tells you to sit down and orders take out Chinese.

- He sees you browsing through your favorite online clothing store and gives you his credit card.

- For the first several years of marriage, he's never complained about your lack of cooking skills or the few bouts of food sickness that he's survived. (I have become a great cook and there has been no food poisoning incidents.)

- In the middle of a church meeting, he whispers something in your ear that makes you blush and you look around hoping no one can decipher why you look so guilty. Until your son asks you why your ears look so red.

- When he kisses you even after 21 years of marriage - it still curls your toes and gives you goose bumps.

- He's dead beat tired after a long day's of work, but when your favorite song is playing....he asks you to dance with him.

This. Must. Be. Love.

Happy Valentines Day 2014!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My first surgery...and hopefully the last

Several months ago, I went in for a routine pap smear.  Since I had a blood transfusion three years ago because of a heavy period, my doctor asked me if my periods were still heavy.

I told him that my periods were still heavy, but I was only in bed for two to three days because of the severe cramping I experienced and the heavy flow of my period. He looked concerned, and I assured him that it took only a few days to get my energy back and that I usually felt better within a week.

I didn't think anything of this because I was dealing with it for almost two and half years.  I came to accept that it was something I would deal with until menopause.

I was surprised when my doctor said, "You're basically telling me that you're out of commission for about a week and the other three weeks of the month- you're fine."  He then handed me a brochure of a surgical procedure that could eliminate the heavy bleeding. "Take a look at this. This procedure could help you feel good physically all four weeks of the month, instead of only three."

I've always had heavy periods, but the cramping and the flow became worse. It's hard to stick to a an exercise and diet plan when you're in bed for a few days feeling bloated, crampy, hormonal, and bleeding so heavily that it reminds you of a gushing red Niagara Falls (sorry for the visual).

And when the bleeding and cramping finally subsides, it takes a few more days to get your energy back.  When you finally feel energetic to  perform the more high impact exercise routines and have the mental clarity to stick to your diet- your period arrives.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

I knew by having this procedure, it would definitely close the chapter of being able to have more children biologically. 
You would think after years of trying, that I accepted long ago of my inability to have more children.  I told family and friends that I was grateful to at least have one child and that I was moving on.
But deep down inside I held on to that slim hope...that maybe....just maybe I could get pregnant again.

This procedure would definitely remove any possibility of getting pregnant..... and the fragile hope that I was clinging on to.

Ironically, it didn't take me long to make the decision to have the surgery.  As soon as my doctor showed me the pamphlet, I knew it was the right thing to do.

I went in on a Friday at  6:30 am for surgery.

RM was with me when I went into a room to be prepped for surgery.  He knew that my nerves were very tight and made jokes about my "fashion sense" when I changed into a hospital gown.

As they wheeled me into the operating room, RM yelled out, "Hey, if something happens to you in there and you end up in Heaven- make sure you give me a free pass. I have a feeling you're going to have to sneak me in there."  I shook my head as the nurses laughed.

His warped sense of humor helped loosen my nerves.

It felt surreal to be in the surgery room. There was my doctor, a surgical nurse, and an anesthesiologist.  I took in my surroundings and was reminded of episodes of ER. 

When the anesthesiologist put the oxygen mask over my face, he explained to me that I was breathing in oxygen and the next few seconds I would breathe in the anesthetic that would put me to sleep.  My nose was itchy and I almost asked if I could remove the mask so I could scratch it.

And then I thought, 'Oh what the hell....I'm going to be knocked out in a few seconds anyway'.

That was my last thought before I slipped into peaceful oblivion.

A few hours later, I felt a hand stroking my forehead and knew immediately it was RM.  It was comforting to have him there since he went back to work when I was in the operating room.  When I was finally able to open my eyes, I felt groggy.  I was surprised that I wasn't in any pain. The nurse said it was probably because the anesthesia had not worn off, but I would experience cramping and more bleeding later in the day.

As soon as the nurse left, I looked at RM and said, "She's wrong, you know."

I could tell RM wanted to roll his eyes, but instead he said, "Oh, yeah. And why is that?"

"If I'm not feeling pain now, it's because there won't be any pain later on." This time RM did roll his eyes. "Every online message board I read, women go about their lives the next day." When I saw his look of disbelief, I continued, "It's true. There was a woman on the show Doctors who went out to dinner with her friends the same day of her surgery."

"Not according to the paperwork your doctor gave me." RM took out a piece of paper and pointed to a paragraph. "See that last line here, it says NO strenuous activity for the next TWO weeks."

"If women in China can have a baby and work in the rice fields minutes after they have their baby; then I can start exercising within two days."

"I think the anesthesia is clouding your judgment."

I gave RM a determined look, "Just wait, two days from now- I'll be shaking my booty in Zumba."

RM patted my head like a parent would give to a difficult child, "Uh huh, sure you will."

Two weeks and three days later, I'm finally able to walk a block without feeling any pain or cramping.  RM has been kind enough to refrain from saying, 'I told you so'.

I expected a torrent of tears after the surgery.  A chapter firmly closed from any future pregnancies.

There are no more tears because it's already been spent. I finally came to my senses, that my health and well being comes first.

Our family of three is a complete and whole unit.  Yet our family unit isn't finished, it's bursting in the seams ready to add more children. 

Our lives are pretty chaotic right now.  The timing isn't right for us to adopt- the Lord will let us know when it's time.

And when we get the green light; we'll be ready.