Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving in a Box

Every time I looked at the calendar and saw Thanksgiving creeping up closer- the dread of shopping and cooking a Thanksgiving meal felt extremely overwhelming, especially with our work schedules.
RM who usually loves trying out different recipes for the turkey- didn't have the energy to cook and wanted to sleep in on Thanksgiving morning. 
Then RM came up with the brilliant idea of....ordering our Thanksgiving meal! 
We tried one year ordering our meal from Safeway, but the turkey was dry and the sides were bland.
This time we ordered our Thaksgiving meal from Whole Foods. 
They had a variety of seasoned pre-cooked turkeys and delicious side dishes. 
 The meal came with a savory Sage sausage herb stuffing, a delicious mushroom gravy, fresh cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and a pumpkin pie for RM.
 And this is the pre- cooked 10 lb lemon herb diesel turkey.
This was the easiest Thanksgiving meal ever prepared. The only cooking involved was heating the turkey in oven for two hours in low heat.  And while the turkey was cooking- placing the side dishes in the oven along with it.
I had to make something homemade.  So the night before Thanksgiving, I made our favorite desserts.  Moe's jumbo vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and my big oatmeal chocolate chip cookies- we don't do small size desserts in this home! 
And  RM wanted English trifle (a British dessert that is layered with pound cake, whipped cream, fruit, and vanilla pudding)
RM never got to eat English Trifle- I ran out of steam after baking the cupcakes and told him that he least he had pumpkin pie.  Poor guy seemed disappointed.
 (I'm surprising him with English trifle on his birthday!)
On a usual Thanksgiving morning we're up early cooking the turkey and making side dishes or getting ready to drive to the Bay Area to my sister's.
This year, we woke up at a leisurely time, went to Starbucks, drove to Whole Foods to pick up our meal, and by the time we placed everything in the oven- we watched a movie.


Here's the traditional nap after consuming large amounts of turkey and mashed potatoes.


Thanksgiving musical guitar jam session

And the person who usually doesn't cook....does the dishes.
 Moe complained that we didn't cook. We told him that as his parents,  we have the veto power to redefine cooking,  which includes driving to and from store to get the Thanksgiving meal.
 He remained unconvinced, but still did the dishes.
This was the most stress free, relaxing Thanksgiving- EVER!
We just might do this again for Christmas!

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