Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Connecting to your Christmas Tree

It's that time of year again, when we look for a Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.
This year, RM wants to find a Christmas tree that he feels connected to. (And yes, he was serious when he said that)
Moe wants to find a huge tree that makes a statement. (Our living room ceiling is only 10 feet and we have a small living room)
I have no preference what kind of Christmas tree we have, my job is to speed up the selection process and help them make a decision quickly. (There is no such thing as a speedy Christmas tree selection in our family)
RM likes to shake the tree and see if it can still look good after being handled roughly.
RM wants the tree to look good when you're standing more than 10 feet away. 
According to RM, one must have a great view of the Christmas tree,
especially when you're washing dishes in the kitchen. 
 Since I'm the one that washes the dishes more regularly in our household,
I thank him for his kindly consideration.
And most importantly, the Christmas tree must look good from the bottom to the top. (I wonder briefly if that's how he looked at me before we went on our first date)
Moe is adamant that the Christmas tree should not be shorter than him. (He's 6'4)
Moe gazes longingly at this 7 foot tree.
Alas, his huge Christmas tree will have to wait when he has his own huge home.
RM and Moe finally finds a tree that meet all the criteria:
- RM feels connected to the tree
- Moe was fine with a tree that was about the same size as him
- And I was able to get RM and Moe to make a decision in less than an hour.


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