Thursday, November 7, 2013

My New Therapy

I was exercising an average of one to two times a week - and that was considered a good week!

I was stuck in a rut.  Exercise seemed like one more item to be checked off my list and my weight wasn't budging.

Until I found Zumba....

(the following pictures taken at my first pink Zumbathon)

It was love at first dance step.

A few months ago, I was trudging along the treadmill in gym. I felt like a hamster on a hamster wheel- moving but going nowhere with my weight and fitness goals.

I noticed the women (and a few men)  who came out of a  Zumba class.  There were two things about them I noticed right away.  Many of them were drenched in sweat.....and they were smiling!

An exercise that leaves you smiling? 

It was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and attend a Zumba class.

I was nervous at my first class.  I was wearing a baggy shirt and stood at the back row and hoped that no one would look at me when the dancing started.

Five minutes into the class- I felt like I was going to collapse from sheer exhaustion.  Though I was able to follow the choreography easily, I didn't realize that dancing could produce so much sweat.  It was truly a heart pumping, sweat induced exercise!

At the end of the class, I was one of many class members who left the class drenched in sweat....and smiling!

Since my first Zumba class two months ago....

- I have lost a total of twelve pounds.

- I have lost two inches off my hips and one inch off my waist

- My body is more toned.

- I replaced the baggy shirt with cute tank tops .

- I don't dance in the back row....I'm dancing in the front row!

- I take a Zumba class 5 to 6 times a week.  I joined a dance studio in addition to my gym membership so I could take more Zumba classes.

- I've made more friends, I call them my "Zumba sisters". 

- When I am feeling very stressed, I take a Zumba class.  Dancing has become my new therapy.

-  I attended my first Zumbathon- A two hour dance marathon raising funds to fight cancer.  Who needs to run a half marathon, when you can dance for two hours!

 The Pink Zumbathon I attended was the most fun I've had in a very long time.  There were chairs on the side for people who needed to rest in between dance sets- I never used them. 
I managed to stay on my feet for two hours and dance to my heart's content. 

I've lost weight since that picture was taken and my endurance level has improved.  I've had a love for dancing since I was a little girl and now I get to dance several times a week!
Zumba has become more than just exercise for me. 
 It's become a hobby, a way to meet up with friends, and it's become my new therapy. 
Who knew that shaking your butt could be so fun?


wendy said...

I loved reading this. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss...and being able to do it while having fun THE BEST. I am so jealous, as I have NOTHING like that anywhere close to where I live. Not even a gym. Keep it up girl and keep sweating and smiling.

Suzanne Nelson said...

I haven't following blogs for a lonnnggg time, and I decided to "check up" on you!! I'm so excited that you found Zumba!!! It's so fun! I actually taught for almost a year. Schedule conflicts keep me getting to still go...and I MISS IT! My core was never in such good shape! It's an amazing workout, but doesn't feel like work! Keep up the good work!;)