Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Dark Pioneer Tale

I was lying on my couch watching TV and outside my window were these people dressed up in black cloaks.  I thought they would pass my window, but they stood in front of the window and stared at me.
I burrowed myself deeper into the couch and held the blanket I was covered in more tightly. I thought if I ignored them, they would pass.
They stood there and didn't move.
The groups  clothes reminded me of the pioneers that crossed the plains, except their clothes were completely black and their hats covered their faces.
I wasn't scared of the group, I was more irritated that they wouldn't leave me alone so I could watch TV in peace.  I thought if I ignored them, they would go away.
But as I glanced back at the window- a woman cloaked in black stepped away from the group and knocked on my door. 
I quickly got up from the couch and looked into the peep hole.  Her cloak and hat kept her face hidden from me.
I felt chills running up my spine and knew this group was evil.  I was alone at home and the only person home in our small neighborhood block.  I realized that the best option for me was to ignore the door and get to the phone and call the police.
As I turned my back towards the door to get to the phone- I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and a great chill descended over the room.
I turned my head and there standing inside my house....was the woman in black.
That was when I woke up from bed and started screaming!
I looked around my room and realized that I had a scary nightmare.
As I settled back into the covers, I felt someone sit on my bed and take my hand.
My eyes were still closed and felt comforted that RM was there.
But the hands felt wrong....the hands felt thinner, the joints gnarled...and very cold.
I opened my eyes and there sitting on my bed, holding my hand....was the woman cloaked in black.
As I lay there paralyzed with fear- she bent down and whispered to my ear, "You can never escape"
Don't you just hate it when you have nightmare within a nightmare? True story!
Happy Halloween!


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