Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

This year we actually celebrated Valentine's Day ON Valentine's Day because two of my favorite people in the world were home!

 I've been accompanying RM on many of his business trips and was with him on another business trip to Southern California for a week and arrived home the night before Valentine's Day dinner.

The homemade dinner and dessert that I planned to make for Valentine's Day dinner went out the window after being on the road with RM for over a week. Instead we had take out Italian dinner and cupcakes from our favorite cupcake bakery.

And after dinner, RM and Moe presented me with gifts!
They knew my love for See's Candy!  Nuts and Chews- the only way to eat See's!

 I opened Moe's card first, the front card read:  "On Valentine's Day I just wanted to say- As a mom you're not half bad"

 On the inside of the card, Moe wrote a handwritten note:  "I'm glad I can be home to celebrate Valentine's Day with you. Enjoy the chocolate! Love, Mitch AKA your son"

 And then there was RM's card...

 ....his cards always makes me teary

 And who says Valentine's Day is for Sweethearts- it's about friendships too.  My good friend Natalie gave me a Sunshine basket filled with all goodies that were yellow- candle, candies, lotion, a funny video, and several sunny quotes.

Here were one of the quotes that were in the basket:  "Turn your face to the sun and all of the shadows fall behind you" 

Though it was good decision to cut ties off with my family she knew I was feeling down and that I needed a basket of sunshine.
And the goodies kept poring in- my friend Barbara brought over a plate of Valentine's Day sugar cookies. 

My friends have become an extension of my family- I'm lucky.

And RM and Moe will forever be My Valentine.

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wendy said...

YUM...Italian food. And I LOVE See's chocolates, my fav. the ones with nuts. Man I sure miss those.
What lovely cards and the basket of love from your friend....very special.
Looks like a pretty dang good valentines day to me...and you deserve it.