Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Busy Bee


That's how I've been feeling (and looking)  lately. 

A deranged bee with wings flapping a hundred miles a minute and only stinging those who get in the least that's what RM tells me.

I've been having insomnia.  I haven't had a good night's rest since...well, I can't remember when I had a full night's rest.

I'm usually able to sleep by one in the morning, but lately my eyes don't get droopy until four am.  The things that need to get done feels overwhelming and just when I think I can't get it done - there's a reservoir of strength that I'm able to tap into.

So far it's been a crazy and busy year and we haven't reached the six month mark!

The things that I usually love to do - reading, blogging, and lunch dates with friends have had to take a backseat towards work and family commitments.

Sometimes I wonder if that's why I don't have any more kids because I only have the strength to focus on one son who is having a difficult year (more on that later).

This year has also been one of self-reflection.  Managing my expectations and working on the weaknesses that have prevented me from becoming the person that God wants me to be.

When I'm able to get a good night's rest and I can  get more than just ten minutes to blog - it would be fun to update you on the happenings of....... my crazy busy bee life.


Cindy said...

hope things can slow down...You are amazing! I still wish I could have one more Primary Pres mtg with "us"just to sit and gab. :)

wendy said...

Well...I TOTALLY WANT TO HEAR about what has been going on. Sorry you are not sleeping as that is not good for anybody and makes "coping" a lot harder. Maybe you need to see your Dr. about it.
Sorry also that your son is not having a good year. Nothing is more painful to a mom (parent) to see our children struggle in any way.
Look at your life, and try to see what areas you can let go of.....hard to do sometimes.