Friday, February 8, 2013

A quietness in my soul

RM has been out of town for a week on business. It has given me some time to be by myself, catch up on things that I need to do around the house, and most importantly let everything that has happened to "sink in".

I've been having dreamless and peaceful sleeps- haven't had those in a long time.  I wake up feeling light and rested.

I was talking to RM on the phone last night.  We talked about our day and then we talked about my family and the decision that I made to stay away from them.

We discussed how our life has been in the short time since making that decision. He's also been affected by my family's antics.  I never realized how much my family's negative behavior affected him until he said this to me,  "There's a quietness in my soul."

That one sentence sums up my feelings.

I no longer have the negative chatter in my head.

The burden that was put on my shoulders from my gone.

My soul was in turmoil.

But no longer.

There is FINALLY a quietness in my soul.


wendy said...

That is lovely. I think this is what the Savior would want for us.
"a quietness of our souls".
The spirit works best with us when we are calm, and quiet.
Don't you think??

I am fortunate I don't and never have had family turmoil, but my husband's family sure does.
Best NOT to get reeled in.

old world sunflower said...

You have been on my mind since reading your last post, I have kept you and your family in prayer, I send hugs and well being your way.....😊