Monday, November 5, 2012

First Presidential Election

As  Moe's mother, I have recorded his first haircut, first tooth, first school dance, and now -
 his First Presidential election. 
Moe decided to vote through a mail ballot and since most of his mail comes home, he came home last weekend to fill out his ballot. 
 Moe was in third or fourth grade during the presidential election in 2000.  He was very anxious that I go out and vote. 
  His teacher urged the class to remind their parents to vote and told them that polling places give out stickers once you've voted.
That day I assured Moe that I was planning to vote and took him with me.  After I voted, a volunteer at the polling place saw Moe's excitement and gave him several stickers- Moe promptly placed the stickers all over his shirt and then told me he couldn't wait to grow up so he could vote.
 That excitement to vote never wavered .  Moe's been looking forward to his first presidential election since he was eight years old.
(comments off - use this time to vote instead)