Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night


RM and I were armed with lots of snacks as we watched the Presidential Election today at home.  It was definitely a nail biting event until the votes came in from Ohio.  We knew then that Governor Romney would not win.

Before the announcement of President OBama's re-election, I spent a lot of time on Twitter and exchanging texts with my good friends Natalie and Amie for several hours -they were just as anxious about this election as I was.  As I type this, they're already on their Facebook posting their disappointments.  (It's almost midnight)  RM thought it was funny that we exchanged texts for over three hours and we all live just minutes from each other!

To say that I am merely disappointed that Governor Romney lost the election is an understatement.  I was shocked, became extremely sad,  and then became worried for the future of our country.  When Moe graduates from college, what will the economy look like? 

I watched Governor Romney's Concession speech and admired him for these words:

 "This election is over, but our principles endure...Like many of you, Paul and I have left everything on the field...given our all."

When President Obama won the Ohio state, many of the members of the news media wondered when Romney would give his Concession speech.  His campaign answered that they would wait until the very last vote came in.  Romney felt that he owed that much to his voters - he didn't want to accept defeat until the "last second of the fourth quarter".

He is a first class act.

This election has inspired RM and I to volunteer for the GOP Presidential campaign for the 2016 election.  Romney's Concession Speech has taught us "to give our all"..."for love of country and not revenge."

I obviously did not vote for President Obama, but as Governor Romney said, ""Ann and I join you in earnestly praying for him and our great nation."

Tomorrow is a new day.

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p.s. It's 12:30 am, finally exchanged my last text friend Amie is still in disbelief.  Time to go to bed!