Sunday, November 4, 2012

Change is Growth

We live in a city with a large population of members from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We have good friends who have lived in their house for over a decade,  and have changed wards several times because of the growing LDS population. 

Today we attended a special sacrament meeting where ward boundaries have changed again and a new sixth ward has been added.  RM and I wanted to get to church early so we could get good seats, but we still had to sit in the overflow area,  because apparently people arrived over an hour early!

I think most members were anxious to find out if they would be in a new ward.

As President Harrison (our stake president) announced the new boundaries, I looked around and saw understandably; some people who were in tears, some who seemed elated, and a few who looked visibly upset.

We fell into the category of those people who didn't mind which ward we were reassigned to.  We don't have young children or teenagers at home,  so we don't worry whether a ward will have a strong primary or youth program.

And today we found out that we are in the brand new sixth ward!  I was excited to find out that some of my good friends from our previous ward,  would be in the same new ward with us..... and a few that we were not too crazy about.  You have to take some of the good with the bad!

We are sad that we will be leaving the Third ward.  We moved into the Third Ward about a year ago.  We didn't get to know many members in that ward since we were always out of town, but when we were able to attend - we really liked those that we met.

We have moved a lot and have been members of several different wards.  However, the Third Ward is the only ward where I instantly felt comfortable on the first day.  I'll always regret that I didn't get to know more people.

We join our new ward next Sunday.  It will be exciting to be a part of a brand new ward, even though we'll be moving in the next four to six months!

Though we will not be long term members of the Sixth Ward, I like to think that when the Sixth Ward reaches its ten year anniversary, we can say that......we were the "original members".

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