Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Silent Battle

I have dealt with this silent battle for many years in our home.  It is a battle that is rarely spoken in our home.  Only a few people outside of our home know of this battle. 
It is a silent battle in which there can only be one winner.
It is a silent battle that will only end.....if we hire a housekeeper.
RM has house chores that he dislikes that I don't mind doing.  And there are house chores that I dislike,  that he actually enjoys doing.
But there is one household chore that we absolutely hate - putting the bedsheets back on the bed after it's been laundered. 
There are too many steps involved to putting the bed back together after it's been stripped for washing; put the fitted sheet on, then the flat sheet, the blanket, the comforter, and the pillow covers for the pile of pillows on the takes forever!
I developed a strategy that worked for a very long time - I went to bed later than RM.  He would have no choice but to put the sheets on the bed himself.
He finally caught on to my brilliant stratgey and turned the tables on me.
RM outwaited me. 
One evening I drank a couple of diet cokes to stay awake longer than RM.  He took something stronger - an energy drink.
We pretended not to know that we were trying to outwait each other  - it became the silent battle.
Finally at 12:30 am, we called a truce and made the bed TOGETHER - what a concept!
In a few days the bed will need to be stripped again.  We should work together to put the bed together, but it's much more fun to outwait each other.
This time I'm switching from diet coke to the 
highly caffeinated Mountain Dew. 

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wendy said...

ha ha, that's hysterical. It is such a pain, I agree.
Mountain Dew DOES have more caffein then Diet Coke btw (so I heard)
It is so funny how you both try to outlast each other.
I find it easier to just do it myself most of the time, because I AM TOO fussy about no wrinkles etc.