Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good isn't Good Enough


I received a call on Thursday night after ten pm that our company website has launched!  I worked with one other person and a web designer to come up with the design and content of the website.

I naively thought that creating a website would be fairly easy and that it could be done within two weeks- it took over two months.  In addition to my other job responsibilities, taking on the task of creating a company website was time consuming.

We used the mantra "good isn't good enough" as a measurement of how we created the company website.  It helped me to strive to do better and to stretch beyond my comfort zone.

RM has used that mantra in every aspect of his life - constantly pushing himself and breaking out of the box.  It is how he encourages Moe to constantly strive to do better, going above and beyond his potential in school and in sports.

Over the years I did fairly well with the various jobs I have had.  There were times where I would complete a project and not feel satisfied.  I rationalized that as long as my boss was fine with it, then it was okay with me.  The fact that I had those feelings made me realize that I did not give a 100 percent of my effort.   

I don't work that way anymore.

If it isn't good enough - It simply isn't good enough.  

Now when I look at project that I completed; I'm able to be proud of what I accomplished because I can look back at my work and know that I put 100 percent of my effort. 

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