Monday, July 2, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

RM and I have been trying to take a mini trip with just the two of us for a very long time.  Every time we have planned something-work has gotten in the way, someone in the family gets sick (usually Moe) or some other emergency.

Since work for both of us is very busy- we decided to combine work and play.  RM had a few business meetings to attend in Las Vegas and since the hotel was already covered by the company- Las Vegas seemed like the best choice. 

We had one rule that we tried to adhere to while being in Vegas: Make no plans.

Our life at home is usually ruled by schedules;  Wake up at 6am, gym at 7am, work at 9am...etc

There was no itinerary and we did what ever we felt like doing, whenever the mood struck us. 

Our trip started on early Tuesday morning.  The aisles were narrow and the seats were even smaller.  I believe the seats were made for someone with a butt the size of a small cantaloupe.  It was an uncomfortable plane ride, thankfully the plane ride lasted under an hour and a half.

 Though we were checked into the Treasure Island Hotel, we spent a lot of time at the Venetian Hotel.  The architecture of the hotel is beautiful.  I'm admiring the view from the terrace.

We enjoyed a free Opera performance held at St. Mark's square inside the Venetian Hotel. 
Outside it was over 100 degrees and around 2pm, where the sun was shining very brightly.  Inside the hotel, you felt as if you were in Venice.  The sky looked amazingly real.

We took a "romantic gondolier ride" for two.  
Salvatore was our gondolier who sang and entertained us with funny stories about his family.

  Our scanner wasn't working, so I had to take a picture of the picture of us on the gondolier.  The original picture is much more clear and nicer.

This was the view from our gondola.

                                          After our gondola ride we were exhausted.
  We were operating on only a few hours of sleep and was heading back to our hotel for a nap, when we came along the Oxygen Bar.  We were told that breathing in the oxygen flavored air from the bubbling liquids gives your more energy and makes you more relaxed. 
Not sure if it actually works, but we did feel relaxed and energized.  And we didn't head back to the hotel for napping.  Instead.....

 ...we stayed up for Carnivale!
 Though it was night, it was still outside- about 95 degrees with no breeze.
 That heat didn't prevent us from having an amazing time.

 After we took pictures at the Carnivale, we went for a walk on the strip. 
We walked for a very long time until we finally we found a bus which took us back to our hotel.
By the time we reached our hotel.  We were ready to collapse.  Our feet were sore.  Our calves were aching.  And our eyes were ready to shut....until I saw Cotton Candy. 

 I never turn down a chance to eat Cotton Candy. 


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