Friday, June 15, 2012

The Year of the Graduates

We have a large extended family in California and that means a lot of graduates.  We are invited to many graduations which makes it impossible to attend all of them.  The month of May and June is always the busiest with family obligations.

This year, we had four nieces graduate from high school, a graduate from 5th grade, a pre school graduate, and a junior high graduate.  Below are pictures of a grad party that we attended of RM's cousin, the daughter of RM's Aunt Tangi. 

I love going to RM's family parties.  First, it's always a positive experience.  And most importantly- they know how to throw a great party!

Malia is the high school graduate and she'll be attending UC Santa Barbara in the fall.

The party was held at Aung Tangi's backyard.  They transformed their backyard into a tropical oasis.

Moe pictured with Aunt Tangi and Greig (RM's older brother)

The party was only a one half hour drive from Folsom and we met Moe there

An informal family picture

RM's older brother Greig and his wife Racheal.

Malia and Grandpa Paula.

We were told that the party would be "small".  There were close to 100 people at the party.
 That's the Polynesian definition of a  "small party"

       We enjoyed a live band playing traditional and modern Polynesian  music.

There were a lot of  delicious food.  RM and I exercised earlier that day so we could consume the food- guilt free.

Roast Suckling Pig.  The meat was tender and savory.

We were treated to a Polynesian show around the islands.  These two little girls (RM's nieces)  performed the  Hula dance.

The Maori Poi Ball Dance

Hawaiian Hula:  All the dancers that performed that evening were family members of RM

Malia performed The Tongan Ta'alunga Dance and was accompanied by her close female relatives. 

I have to admit that May and June can get overwhelming with all the grad parties that RM and I are invited to.  Instead of spreading ourselves thin, we mail grad presents to the parties that we can't attend and go to the family events where we know the party will be positive, uplifting, and fun.

We had so much fun at Malia's grad party.  We ate well, danced to great music, and laughed a lot- three requirements to having a great time at a party.

(RM and Moe complained that it was hard to access the blog since it went private and wanted me to put it back to being a "public" blog.  Since they are my "biggest fans"- I granted their request to go public....for now.)

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wendy said...

What a fun time that looked like. That are a lot of GRADS for sure.
100 people at the SMALL funny.
I loved the Polynesian influence when I lived in Salt Lake City area. And with my husband (at the time) being a football coach, we had lots of "islanders" (as we called them) on his team. Boy, I DO KNOW they know how to throw a party and the food can NOT BE BEAT!!!
One of my son's went on a mission to New Zealand, and they did lots of pig roasts there too.
Beautiful people in your famiy...I am sure, inside and out.
and btw....I LIKE the informal family photo of you 3.