Monday, July 23, 2012

A Hot, Busy, and Fun Weekend

Last Thursday RM and  I went to the Bay Area to visit my mother who has been staying at a nursing facility. 

After our visit with her, we had lunch at a bakery cafe in Palo Alto that sold small overpriced soda bottles. There were no beverages larger than an 8 oz bottle.

RM calls this drink "sodas for little people"

Since Moe didn't have football practice on Friday, he decided to follow us back to Folsom.  We waited out traffic at the Burger King in San Carlos/Redwood Shores.  Moe humored us by getting inside the helicopter right outside Burger King which is located right next to a small airport.

When Moe was about three years old, we used to park right by the airport so that Moe can watch the small airplanes take off and land.  Afterwards we used to go to BK for lunch which was decorated with airplanes motif and then Moe would play with the helicopter which was outside BK.

It was Moe's favorite place as a child for many years.  It's probably the only fast food restaurant where I can eat with my family without feeling guilt- it's a place filled with many fond memories.

For years, Moe has asked us to take him to the State Fair.  We never took him because it was always too hot and RM isn't a big fan of crowds and amusement parks.  But since my sister Steph who lives in the Bay Area was planning to go to the State Fair,  she asked us if we could meet them for lunch on Saturday.

It's been a long time since I've been able to do something fun with my sister, so I took a reluctant RM and an enthusiastic Moe.  We arrived at the fair....and I wanted to turn around and go back home.

It was a sweltering 104 degrees with no breeze  and we were already feeling miserable.  We started thinking of excuses to give to my sister of why we had to go home- and they all sounded lame.  We felt stuck until....

...We met them at the horse track.  And was caught up in the excitement of watching the horses race.

For just a few minutes during the race we forgot about the heat.

We did everything that one should experience at a State Fair.

                                  *   Ate Funnel Cake and
                                      Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas
                                  *   Played Carnival Games
                                  *   Visited the Farm Animals
                                  *   Rode the Mechanical Bull (okay, I never rode the mechanical bull, but I would have....if it wasn't in a public area where everyone can see me)

We finally escaped the heat by leaving the fair and eating at a Mexican Restaurant a few miles from the fair.  The restaurant  served delicious food and most importantly was air conditioned.

RM briefly left to take Moe home and came back to the restaurant to join us.  It was fun visiting with my sis, my brother in law, my nephew, and their extended family.  We started our day thinking of excuses to get out of the heat and ended up staying most of the day and into the early evening. 

Despite the heat, we all had fun- including RM.
The following day, RM was sun burnt.  I was sore from all the walking.  And Moe was glad that after many years, he finally went to the state fair....

he also said it will be his last- it will also be ours too. 


Cindy said...

How fun! We just talked about going to the state fair. Glad you gave the temp warning! maybe when the kids aren't so little! That sounds miserable. Crowds and heat are two of my least favorite things! :)

wendy said...

Despite the heat and crowds, it sounds like you had a great time.
Do you have a booky now (tee,hee)

I have always loved State Fairs, but usually they are in the Fall, when it is cooler.

Ashley said...

Gotta love that Burger King. ;)