Sunday, August 5, 2012

Road Trip Warriors

(Thunderstorm in Arizona)

We left last Saturday for an eight day road trip and arrived home yesterday afternoon.  We logged in 43 hours of driving.  RM and I took turns driving; RM drove 42.75  hours and I drove for 10 minutes-I don't drive well in unfamiliar terrain.

Moe got a free pass from driving since his long legs wouldn't fit into the driver's seat- I think Moe was secretly relieved.

We visited three states; Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.  We stayed in four hotels.  And after spending many hours together- we didn't drive each other crazy.

Though we all looked forward to the road trip, we were not looking forward to eating restaurant food every night, especially since RM and I have been eating healthily.  And though it's nice to eat out once in awhile, there's nothing like a home cooked meal.

We knew that most of the restaurants that we would encounter along the interstate would be fast food joints.  And since it's a long way from here to Tucson, Arizona (our first stop)- I packed a lot of sandwiches, healthful snacks, and lots of fruit.  Through out our entire trip, we managed to avoid eating or buying junk food at the gas station convenience store- an amazing feat for me!  And I was able to track what I ate so it is possible to eat what you want, but in moderate portions while being away from home.  RM even lost an additional 3 pounds!

(Arizona Desert)

Highlights from our trip:

* We made great time to Tucson, until we hit traffic.  It was gridlock and we were stuck in traffic for nearly three hours.  RM entertained us by playing on the ukulele with the Glee soundtrack playing in the background.

*  After spending two days in Tucson, we headed straight to Draper, Utah.  Since we made a late start, we decided to go as far as St. George, Utah which is a few hours from Draper and stay there overnight.  After you pass Flagstaff, Arizona- there aren't many rest stops or gas stations along the way.  There was a scenic point which over looked a canyon that had a large parking spot,  it was after 9pm,  so it was too dark to see, but it made a great place for a pit stop and to stretch our legs.

We were the only ones at this scenic spot by a canyon, so RM and Moe started howling and thought it was cool to hear it echo back. And I was jogging back and forth from our parked van- it felt good to get some type of exercise!   We must have been a sight to the other cars that passed us- two large men howling in the night and a crazy lady jogging in the dark!

* Visiting University of Arizona campus.  I think Moe was a little nervous visiting with the football coaches, but they put him at ease.  Moe loved the campus and the city of Tucson, it reminded him a little of Folsom.  He was excited that there were four student wards compared to only one student ward in the Bay Area.

* Moe meeting RM's extended family in Utah. Moe is always excited to meet with new family members and getting acquainted with cousins close to his age.

* Taking the Temple Square Tour in Salt Lake City.  Though RM and I have been to Temple Square a few times, this would be Moe's first visit to Utah.  It was great to see everything through Moe's eyes.  He's a history buff and was the only one in the group who would ask the most questions to our tour guide.

*  The most memorable part for me was what we did on the stops that we made along the road.  We took silly pictures, played catch, met people from other states, and even played air hockey at one of the casinos in Nevada. 

(Arizona Valley, taken at one of the rest stops)

Eight days isn't a lot of time to relax when there's a lot of driving involved and when there are a lot of things to do and see.  I called this trip, a "working road trip vacation". 

RM nicknamed our family the Road Trip Warriors- someone who is able to have fun, be patient and flexible, despite the long hours on the road.

Our family is already close, but this trip has made us even closer. 

However, RM stated that the next time we have to travel far.....we're taking the airplane.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Keep me updated and where Moe decides to go! Miss you!!!