Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm not Superman

There are a lot of things about the man that I married that makes him so special.

He has a no nonsense, take charge attitude, especially at work. 

 But when he's home and not working,  he knows how to have fun,  even at the expense of embarrassing Moe. 

 On Father's Day weekend, we were at the mall with Moe. RM wanted to take a picture with this mannequin- Moe took off to the opposite side of the store and pretended not to know us.

RM is passionate and intense especially with his goals and his dreams.  He's disciplined, driven, and always looking for ways to improve his professional and personal life. 

But he can also be goofy, fun, and a complete ham.

We were shopping at a shoe store and he found a shoe that had individual toes,  which he thought could also double as a nose picker....he's also very innovative.

He gave a very moving and inspirational talk at Sacrament meeting during Father's Day which I forgot to write about on this blog.  His talk was based on a General Conference talk given by
M. Russell Ballard, "Father's and Sons: A Remarkable Relationship"

RM talked about his own experience as a father to Moe and his relationship with his own father who passed away several years ago.  Moe was able to attend church with us.  I think I might have heard him sniffle a couple of times during RM's talk, which Moe claims was allergies.

I was getting teary eyed too- it was a beautiful talk.

A few weeks ago, we had a misunderstanding that led to some hurt feelings.

 RM apologised and I said, "It's so surprising when you say something so unreasonable, I would think that you would know better- you usually do."

RM gave a great big sigh and replied, "I'm not superman....I make mistakes too."

It was a light bulb moment.

 For years, I put these high expectations on RM, and when he doesn't meet them- I get very disappointed.  And it isn't fair to put those expectations on him or anyone else.

RM is right.

He's not Superman.

He's a just regular guy who strives to be the best father and best husband.

And I think he's doing a GREAT job.


wendy said...

Great Post. NONE OF US are superman, or superwomen.
Just sould trying to make it through this crazy life.
Trying to keep our priorities in order.
Trying to be a good parent
Trying to be a good spouse
Trying to "keep it together"
Keep our jobs
keep our sense of humor
keep on....keeping on

He is a good man I am sure.

Stephanie said...

I love this post!!! RM sure is close to superman though....you are one lucky lady to have him. I just love your relationship and your family.