Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moe turns 20!

It's official....Moe is out of his teens!  I am a mother of a 20 year old young man-hard to believe.

 To celebrate his 20th birthday, Moe wanted a "low key celebration" with just a few of his friends and close family.  Moe's definition of a few is inviting ten of his team mates from his football team, some of his cousins, his favorite Uncle Drew, and of course his Nana.

Since Moe invited some of his team mates from his football team, we knew the best place to feed them was an "All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet" Restaurant.

Pictured are some of Moe's football team mates.

Moe and his favorite Uncle Drew.

Me and my two nieces, Ana & Nessa.

Moe is a "Closet Survivalist". I don't know many young men Moe's age who is very concerned with being prepared for disasters. Actually he's been like that at a very young age. He always made sure our food storage was up to date and that we were well equipped for emergencies.

We thought it would be fun to buy Mitchell his own survival kit for his birthday.  His survival kit included shovel, axe, machete, small pitchfork, MRE (meals ready to eat), fire starter kit....basically everything he needs if  he needed to survive in the woods, which he claims is the best place to live to survive a natural disaster.

It was pretty hilarious to see Moe's friends reactions when Moe opened his presents and there were mainly a lot of tools.  And every one started laughing when Moe was excited to see a shovel.

It was fun getting to know some of Moe's friends from his football team and felt good seeing them eat to their heart's content.  A party is a success when everyone leaves with bellies full and a smile on their face.

After the party, Moe and a few of us went to the movies to watch Avengers. 

Moe thanked us for making his birthday memorable... and he's already planning for his 21st birthday.

Of course, Moe's 21st birthday celebration will be a "small party"....held in Hawaii, roughly 50 to 60 guests, traditional luau on the beach, several roast  pigs, hula dancers, a few fire dancers, maybe we'll invite the mayor of Honolulu...

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