Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

RM and I were excited this weekend- Moe was coming home from school.  I was little nervous him driving home since it would be his first long drive. Of course he made it home safely and I was able to breathe a little better!

Here's a recap of our Memorial Day Weekend:

* On Friday, we went out to our favorite Thai Restaurant in Folsom.  And we were joined by Moe's favorite Uncle Drew.

* Moe wanted a home cooked breakfast for Saturday so I made him french toast and scrambled eggs.  Moe's 6'4, weighs 325 lbs.  And he eats a lot!

* RM and I worked out in the gym really hard during the weekend because there's no such thing as being on a diet on Memorial weekend!

* And for dinner we took Moe out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Casa Ramos in Folsom.  Moe doesn't like Mexican, but we were certain that since the food is really good that he would overcome his dislike for Mexican food and try some new dishes.

Instead he ordered this.....

     We finally accepted that he will NEVER like Mexican food.
Of course that didn't stop us from enjoying our Mexican food.....

......And enjoying the 6 piece  Mariachi Band!

After dinner on Saturday night we went grocery shopping for a barbecue we planned to have on Sunday. And since we didn't have a barbecue grill- we also went shopping for a barbecue grill! 

We have moved several times in the past few years and we haven't barbecued in a long time.  We decided that a barbecue in our own home was long overdue! We live in a townhouse that does not have deck or a backyard, just a fairly decent size front porch, where we fit our new barbecue grill, and a few folding chairs.

After church on Sunday, we had a small barbecue party with just the three of us and invited Moe's Uncle Drew and Drew's girlfriend Lasi. 

For our barbecue we had:

Barbecue Chicken and Tri Tip.
Pita Bread w/Pesto and  Grilled Vegetables, potato salad, and  watermelon.

The weather was perfect- sunny skies with a light breeze.

 We had a great time sitting outside and enjoying the view.

There was no shortage of laughter.

Moe and RM entertained while playing the ukulele.

(Drew and Lasi)

The weather started to get chilly so we ate our desserts inside the house- homemade dark chocolate brownies with ice cream.

Our small barbecue party lasted after 11pm.  And the workout that RM and I planned this morning went to the wayside- we slept in until 10am.

We planned going to the movies on Monday, but after eating doughnuts from Moe's all time favorite doughnut shop in Folsom for breakfast, we opted to nap instead and hang out at home. It's been a weekend packed with a lot of fun!

***It's Tuesday morning and Moe drove back to the Bay Area. I feel a little lost.  I know this sounds hokey, but it feels like Moe took the sunshine with him.  I have a lot of work to catch up with and I can't seem to start. 

I miss my boy.

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