Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Detour

After Moe left Tuesday morning, RM asked me to go with him to Livermore which is an hour and 20 minute drive from where we live.  He had a short meeting there and since it was hard for me to concentrate on work, I thought the drive would be a nice distraction.

RM's meeting was brief, so we had lunch and headed back home.  We had great time talking about our future, our goals....and then we received a call from Moe's trainer from the football team. 

Moe was taken into an ambulance from the football field. 

He was stretching before practice and when he got up, he collapsed.  He couldn't breathe and had a severe asthma attack.  He was also diagnosed with other respiratory problems so they would keep him in the hospital overnight.

Since we were only 40 minutes away from home, we decided that we should continue to drive home and pack some clothes.  As we were driving back to the Bay Area, it hit me how different our drive was just a few hours ago, where we were laughing and having a great time.  This trip was vastly different.  I knew that Moe would be fine, but it didn't prevent the tears from flowing on both our faces.

Almost two weeks ago, Moe had a really bad case of the flu.  Though it was not serious, his spirits were low. When his doctor finally cleared him to practice football, he was hit with the flu. We're always a little more worried when he says his head hurt too, but his doctor said it was a combination of the flu and headaches from the withdrawals from the pain medications.  Moe asked RM to give him a blessing and RM took Moe's Uncle Drew to assist him in the blessing.  He spirit felt better and his body seemed to be healing.

And then this happens.

RM and I checked into a hotel and went to see Moe.  He looked very happy to see us.  He stayed only one night in the hospital and wasn't ready to go back to his place, so he stayed with us in the hotel. 

We wanted to take Moe home with us, but he felt that he needed to go back to school.  It was hard driving back home without him.  We came back home this morning, extremely exhausted.

We've only been gone two days, but it feels as if we were gone for an entire week! 

RM thinks that this is the last of Moe's health issues, I hope so.  I fervently hope and pray that Moe is healthy for the rest of the year.

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wendy said...

Poor Moe, it seems like it's been just one thing after another for him.
Of course the tears would flow...that's what we mom's do. Since the loss of my son, it seems like I have turned into this biggest boob-a-loob.
I get frustrated with myself.
I so hope things will start looking up for this great kid.