Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas Helpers

Moe has grown out of some of our Christmas traditions one of them- baking & decorating cookies.

So I called one of my good friends Natalie who has several young children. I asked her if I could come over and bake cookies with her girls. And of course she was happy to have me come, especially since her kids have been begging her to bake, and with her busy schedule she wasn't sure if she was able to.

I was happy to be a solution to her dilemma!

I came to Natalie's home equipped with homemade sugar cookie dough, frosting, Christmas books, and lasagna.

Princess K was all smiles when I told her that she could officially call herself a "Baker" after we rolled, cut, & baked over five dozen sugar cookies.

After decorating her first sugar cookie, Miss C had a huge grin on her face and said, "Now it finally feels like Christmas!"

Duchess KC was very creative with her decorating skills. Her younger sisters retired after decorating a few cookies and Duchess KC was secretly pleased because it gave her more cookies to decorate.

A Christmas Sugar Cookie Masterpiece.

I learned an important lesson during this holiday season- opening my heart was the best antidote for the holiday blues.

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