Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Funky Christmas Tree

RM doesn't like our Christmas tree.

He's not happy that there aren't that many lights on the tree- he blames Moe for convincing him that he did not need more. He doesn't like the shape of the tree, he thinks its too big. And he thinks the ornaments needs "more bling & lacks pizazz."

RM begged me not to post any pictures of our finished Christmas tree- he's embarrassed of our "Funky Christmas Tree".

Did I mention that I married a perfectionist?

(Moe constantly kept moving so it would be hard for me to take a picture of him- a side profile is better than nothing)

Traditionally we always pick out a tree the first Saturday of December. We were surprised when Moe told us that he was able to come home that weekend and very happy that he was there to continue the tradition.

This time RM and Moe went without me since I told them that I had a head ache. I didn't really have a headache, but I knew I would have a headache if I went with them- it happens every year.

If you saw the way RM & Moe selects a tree, you would have a headache too.

Though RM wasn't happy with the ornaments or the "lack of Christmas lights", he was happy that Moe was there to continue with our Christmas Tradition.

And he's got another reason to be very happy- he can see! RM finally made the time to go the eye doctor and get a pair of brand new glasses. He's been wearing old scratched glasses for five years! Every time I made him an appointment, he's had to cancel because of work.

His new glasses look really good & I need a new camera because my pictures are coming out blurry!

And we always have to have homemade goodies when we're decorating the tree. I usually make my Grandma's pocket filled jam pies. It taste better than it looks!

RM has taken the next few weeks off from work and Moe will be home until mid January, I'm looking forward to it. RM has a list of things he wants us to do, and the first one on his list....

.....A Christmas tree makeover- no more Funky Christmas Tree.


Kristina P. said...

It sounds like a wonderful Christmas.

Cindy said...

Love it! So nice to have WEEKS with family. Enjoy every last drop of time! miss you guys!

Suzanne said...

Would you mind sharing your grandmother's pocket filled jam pies? They look delicious!!!

hcgcanada said...

it looks fabulous!! What are you talking about..haha.