Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Blogging Break

I know I've only been back to blogging for several weeks, but since we're in the middle of a move, blogging will be taking a back seat for at least 2 to 3 weeks. We'll still be living in California, but moving closer to RM's job which is 3 hours away from where we currently live now.

We've been living the life of nomads for the past six years, and though it's been exciting to make new friends wherever we have moved, I'm getting to the point of my life where I want put some roots down in ONE area. The longest we've lived in one house was for four years.

And our nomadic lifestyle will continue for at least another few years. As my husband says, "We go where the buffalo roam."

My Grandma Elda was another person who moved a lot, she often said, "You bloom where you're planted." It's a great quote for me to remember.

However. the day that we move to a home, where we'll be able to put some roots down, and finally put our nomadic years behind us- I'm going to nail our family picture to the wall...

...and then I'm going to cry.

(Comments off, see you in a few weeks!)