Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Eagle has landed...almost.

If you think that completing the Eagle project is the easy part- you are completely wrong! For us, the hardest part of the project was Moe's Eagle Scout project binder that had to be turned in to the Scouts Board before he turned 18 years old.

The project binder contained:
- Eagle application with all the correct signatures by various Scout leaders.
- Project workbook detailing Moe's Eagle project which was installing the the drip irrigation system.

- Project before/after pictures

- Spec sheet
- 3 project essays
- Scout History from the time he joined Boy Scouts

I felt really sorry for Moe. He was overwhelmed with school work, going to the gym to work out before he starts football training in June, and then trying to find the time to work on his project binder.

My job was to help Moe stay on task and keep him motivated. RM's job was to to track down signatures from Scout masters at Moe's old scout troop. (the Scout Board are sticklers to having the correct signatures) And Moe's job was to complete the binder.

When Moe finally completed the binder last weekend, Moe's contact person on the Scout Board was on vacation until May 9th- a few days after Moe's 18th birthday! The panic lasted for only a few minutes when the contact person assured Moe that he arranged for another person on the Scout Board to receive his binder.

We were hoping to drop off the binder on Sunday when RM was home because Moe doesn't have his driver's license and I still get lost even with directions! That meant RM had to drive back home from work which took him over 2 hours to get here, and after a quick bite to eat- we drove to the contact person's home which is a small town that is 30 minutes away, but because the town isn't near any major highway, it can only be reached by a 2 lane country road- it took a longer time to get there, especially when you're driving at night.

Once the binder was dropped off- time stopped running. Moe's officially done with Scouts until he meets with the Scouts Board of Review.

We arrived home late last night. Tired and relieved that Moe made the Scouts deadline before his 18th birthday.

As RM and I settled into bed, he looked at me with tired eyes and said, "If we ever have another baby, I hope it's a girl."

"Why do you all of a sudden want to have a girl?" RM has always expressed that he only wanted to have boys, so his remark caught me by surprise.

"Cause I don't want to ever go through Scouts again." And then he turned on his back and fell asleep.


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that you mentioned all of this because I'll need to remember it when N comes to age! What a nightmare...but a good one in the end. I'm sure that you think it was all worth it now. Congrats to mom & dad too!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Ummm...I didn't want to mention this when you posted about Moe FINISHING his Eagle Project. Compared to the write up, doing the project part is a piece of cake! It took my boys MONTHS to get down to business and write up the project.
Congrats to Moe for FINISHING! Yippee! WooHoo!

septembermom said...

That's a lot to do!! My 7 year old is thinking about scouts. I better talk to you for parent pointers!