Friday, May 7, 2010

An epiphany!

I worked out two days in a row, yipee! I didn't want to go to the gym and instead I've been working out on a 30 minute work out video with Jillian Michaels- the Biggest Loser trainer. I love her workouts! She maximizes strength and cardio bursts in 30 minutes and after working out the first 10 minutes, I felt like throwing up!

You know you're working out hard when you feel like you have to puke! Her cardio workouts remind me of the way RM trains with me. Over a year ago, I was only 10 pounds away from my weight goal. I felt great and it was all from working out with RM.

RM isn't around during the week to work out with, I feel too self conscious working out like that without my work out partner- at least for the time being. So, my goal is to work out 6 days a week and take a nice stroll with RM on Sundays.

I had an epiphany while I was in the shower. I thought about how good I felt, I haven't felt like that in a long time, and then it hit me- "get obsessed with exercising". Whenever I have had problems that overwhelmed me and was out of control, I focused on exercising.

I've incorporated a lot more fruits and vegetables into my diet and it's made a big difference in the way I wake up- I'm not so exhausted, it also helps that I don't eat late at night.

The weekend will be a big challenge with Moe's birthday and Mother's Day on Sunday. Exercise, portion control, no late night munchies, and lots of water. If I can do that all weekend- I'll be okay.

Food for Thought:
"Exercise: you don't have time not to"

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