Friday, May 15, 2009

Feeling Overwhelmed

I feel overwhelmed. Why? My son has been home a week sick and though he's getting better, I'm not sure I should send him to school on Friday and he's behind on EVERYTHING. He's behind school, scouts, seminary, and I'm scared that he's going to get hurt during football practice again. I worry about his future and I'm scared that the pressure to get all these things done will overwhelm him. Several months ago, he was out of school for nearly a month with a fractured knee and then continued to miss some classes because of physical therapy and various other doctor appointments. He's been playing catch up for nearly 4 months and I think he's tired of it.

I had a nightmare that my husband came home and told me that he was laid off of work. Yes, for me it's a nightmare since a few years ago, he was without a job and it took him a very long time to find a job. It's a nagging fear that I live with.

I worry that I'm going to fail at Weight Watchers. I wonder if I'll ever be able to shed the extra weight. It is very hard to stay on track and keep within my points range. And yet, I'm letting all these fears and anxieties get in the way of me being healthy. I cannot CHANGE the past, I cannot FORESEE the future, but I can control my actions, my thoughts and my attitude.

If I want to lose weight, I have to be honest with myself. I need to take an honest inventory of what I am doing that is blocking the way towards me losing weight. I know that I cannot do it on my own. Weight Watchers helped in the past and it's not a diet plan, it's a lifestyle plan. I used binging on foods as a distraction from my problems. I'm going to start using exercise as a distraction. I've done it before, I will do it again!

I love the serenity prayer because it is a reminder for me that I cannot control what happens outside of me, but only within me. What's holding you back? Do you think it's because you focus so much on the future that it's hard to stay present?

Stay Positive even if you don't feel like it, Smile when you feel like frowning, and Be Healthy even when you feel like eating every fatty, sugary food in sight! Have a great weekend everyone & I'll update you on Monday!

Food for Thought: "God Grant me the Serenity to ACCEPT the things I CANNOT change. The COURAGE to change the things I CAN. And the WISDOM to know the difference."


Cammy said...

I'm a worrier by nature, too. When I catch myself, I repeat Anne Lamott's "Be where your butt is" mantra to myself. It helps me focus and if I'm going to worry, then I'm only worrying about one thing at a time. :)

Wishing you smoother days ahead...

Patty said...

I saw your post over at Gigi's, and just wanted to stop by because you sound like someone I would like! :-)

I am so sorry you are feeling over whelmed. I think toward the end of the school year, so many moms are just worn out. I hope you have a break over the summer.

I love your blog format, and I may steal some ideas from you. :-)

I hope you have a great weekend!

Gigi said...

After 3-4 years of my son struggling in school - academic, health AND behavioral - things are finally starting to smooth out a bit. Hang in there, it's not going to be like this forever - even tho it probably feels like it now.

As to the worry, I have a problem with it too. A couple of months ago I was having daily panic attacks such that I finally sought help. She suggested at the end of each day I write down the things I was grateful for and keep them. Then she said to write down all the things that were troubling me and then throw it away, shred it or burn it - whichever made me feel better. Believe it or not, it has helped. I also try to keep it in perspective by thinking to myself that I've been in jams before and have always been able to get out of them and can do it again. It's just the jams get more complicated as we get older and have more responsibilities. The Serenity Prayer is always good to keep in mind.

I'll hold you in my thoughts and hope things take a turn for the better soon. Hope I didn't blab on for too long. Take care.

Heather said...

You'll get through this, sweetie. I BELIEVE in you! :)
Keep that positive attitude and just remember - even if you go over your points this week, there's always next week.
Are you using your extra 35 Flex points every week? Those can be a life saver. :)

Wendy said...

Sounds like you have alot going on. i totally know how stress can get in the way. when i am stressed nothing sounds better than a burger and fries and dessert to top it all off.... it is a mental thing...but i know you can make changes! it already sounds like you have a plan! keep keepin on!

kaseybobasey said...

I'm a worrier, too. About everything...sometimes I seriously have to harness myself before I go into the gym because I'll have so much on my mind...I can't concentrate on my exercise. So, I totally understand where you're coming from! I think everything will end up working out if you just hand it to God. Let him figure it out, you know he will! :) Pray that your son gets well soon and is able to catch up on schoolwork...and it'll happen, promise!! :)

Shelley said...

Hang in there, HK - one day (or less) at a time. Love the serenity prayer! It really can stop me in my tracks and get me to focus on what is important at that moment.

Suzanne said...

"Serenity Now! Serenity Now!"--Kramer said it best on Seinfeld! LOL :)

Bev P aka Hockeygal4ever said...

Everyone has stresses, seems like everyone I see, hear and read lately is getting them... could be the time of year (so much going on). Don't let it deter you from being successful!!!! You ARE going to have failures (that's what we learn from), you are going to have gains (nobody is perfect) and you are also going to have GLORIOUS weeks/days when you do so well! Use those days to remember WHY you're doing this!

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! We're all in it together!

I had a crappy week too, 1.4 lb. gain and ate so horrible. End results.. besides gaining, felt like crap, feel bloated and KNOW that I do not want to feel this way again. BACK ON PROGRAM for me!

Good luck!