Thursday, April 23, 2009

Still on Track - Day 9

I'm still on track! I made a promise to myself that for for the first 30 days I was going to break out of my funky eating habits and start exercising regularly. And I have stuck with it! I eat what I feel like eating, but eat in moderation. I don't deprive myself of anything. I still have my desserts every day, but they're low cal desserts.

I average 3-4 days of exercising a week. However, I want to increase it to 5-6 days a week. I wish I could I say that the past 9 days have been easy. It hasn't. I have had a few days where I just felt like throwing in the towel and just binge on cookies and ice cream. And then I remember what my husband told me; "Just do it, even if you don't feel like it." I don't have to like going to the gym. I don't have to like that I can't have that second helping of food. And every time I do that, I ALWAYS end up feeling good.

After I go to the gym, I never say, "I wish I didn't exercise." After I drink lots of water after just one serving of food and feel full, I never say, "I wish I could have eaten more." Doing the right thing, at least for now, is ALWAYS followed by a feeling of accomplishment.

Sundays were my weakest days, and since I survived last Sunday, I know I can do it again. Now, the Real TEST, my period is due next week and usually I eat as if my stomach was the bottomless pit. I know what I can do to combat the bloated feeling. In the past, I just made sure that I increased my cardio and went into the steam room. That usually worked.

How am I going to combat the cravings? All will power is out the window and my husband knows to stay out of my way. He knows not to stand in the way between me and my chocolate!

So, my bloggy friends, What do you do to combat those PMS cravings? Do you give in or try to have healthier alternatives?

Food for Thought: Do you know why they call it 'PMS'? Because 'Mad Cow Disease' was already taken.


fatty McButter Pants said...

I TRY to choose low-cal snacks during that crazy time of the month. Sundays are a bad day for me too. After spending 3 hours at church I want something fast when I get home, cause I am starving. I try to just make a plan, like you are doing. Big Congrats on follwing thru on the promise you made to yourself. I find those are the hardest promises to keep. Thanks for all your encouraging comments you leave me. They are appreciated!

Shelley said...

I have to say that my cravings for chocolate and salty foods have really lessened as I keep with the "clean eating" - hopefully this will be the case for you as well.

You are doing so good!

Gigi said...

"Mad Cow was already taken." Good one!

When hormones strike I usually have that one day when it feels like tapeworms have overtaken my body. But I acknowledge it, accept some of the bad eating that goes with it, and return to some semblance of normal the day after. I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear but that's how I usually get through. I figure that as long as you're having many more good days than bad, you'll keep losing the weight. Good luck.

Big Girl said...

Congrats to you for sticking with it.

That PMS/Mad Cow joke makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

Cammy said...

You're on a roll!

I try to keep "good" snacks around for *that* week, so that even if I over-indulge, I'm getting good nutrients. Now that I'm at goal, I'll also usually give in and have a brownie or something. But then it's back to carrot chips and almonds. :)

Have a great weekend (especially Sunday!)

Mom said...

I feel like physiologically you have those cravings for a purpose. It doesn't mean you just 'go to town,' but I think you need a little extra! Dark chocolate (in moderation) actually has some benefits to women over 30. It amazes me how one day you can't eat enough...and the next day you don't have much appetite. Everything in moderation!

kaseybobasey said...

Girl, that time of the month is always the hardest for me! I noticed a BIG difference this past month though...I stuck to my diet and exercise just as I would any other week. Usually, I eat whatever I crave and skip on the exercise... Eep!! But, it made a HUGE difference when I stayed with my exercise and it lessened my cramps! Dark chocolate helps also and hey, if you are REALLY craving something, it's better just to have it in moderation so you don't feel like you're missing out! :) Good luck!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I go buy a bar of really pricy dark chocolate - Dagobah usually and I sit down alone & slowly savor 2 squares at a time. One bar usually lasts me 5 days.

H.K. said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'm learning from your comments that I don't have to fight the PMS cravings, but as long as I have it in moderation and if I want a chocolate, get dark chocolate! Thanks again!