Monday, April 20, 2009

Surviving Sundays - Day 5

I realize I don't usually have a problem with sticking with my diets on Friday or Saturday. Yes, I tend to think Friday is a license to celebrate because its the end of the week. But, because I'm usually feeling really good on Friday and Saturday and tend to be happy because my family is home, I can usually stay on track.

My bad days are Sundays. We usually go to church on Sunday mornings, but I always come home very tired and extremely hungry, so I grab whatever is available and I tend to forget to drink water. I end up feeling lethargic, take very long naps, and then end up staying up and eating late into the night.

When I have a bad Sunday, it trickles into Monday and then it's not until Wednesday that I go back on track. And then the crazy cycle starts again. I was happy that I did fairly well on staying on track last Friday and Saturday. But, the real test would be Sunday.

Yesterday, I made sure I had breakfast before going to church. My husband and I teach Sunday school for the 4-5 year old classes and always bring them light snacks, which are usually crackers or animal cookies as a snack. I would eat the same snacks. This time I came prepared and brought a banana, bottled watter, and raw almonds.

When I came home I wasn't extremely hungry! I was able to warm up lunch and steam some veggies and I didn't over eat. The real test would be Sunday night, which is usually the time I get sad because my husband and son would be back to their schedule and I would be home. It has only been recently that I have discovered why I can't go to bed early on Sundays.

I did stay up late on Sunday, but I didn't do any late night munchies! I kept thinking that if I did that I would ruin the momentum. I worked hard to to exercise and eat healthy consistently. I didn't want to ruin the streak and I was able to survive Sunday night! I wasn't able to exercise this morning because I only had 4 hours of sleep and needed to sleep in, but I will be working out this evening with my husband.

It is the first time in a very LONG time that I woke up on a Monday morning feeling good.

Food for Thought: "The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do." ~James Barrie


Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on having a great Sunday! Taking your own snack along to your Sunday School Class was a great idea! String cheese and an apple would be good to take, too.

And... good luck with your weight loss goal for the Fourth of July Challenge! I'm glad you signed up. :)

Monica said...

MMM, I lovvvve church :)

Im so proud of you for surviving Sunday! Keep it up!

Beth said...

Friday and Saturdays are my worst days. I absolutely have used all my good up by then.

tisha said...

Weekends are always rough for me. I'm glad to read you did so well on Sunday! YAY!

Wendy said...

great job on keeping on track on sunday! a while ago before i started my "healthy lifestyle" my hubby and kids would meet me at a restaurant for an early morning big breakfast after work! then i would go home and sleep because i had worked all night long.....can you imagine all that food in my belly and then i would sleep for 6-7 hours! sunday morns are still hard...i try not to eat anything before bed and if i do it is cereal or something light.... but i still have those cravings!

Cammy said...

MAJOR NSV! Kudos to you for figuring out such great solutions!

Mom said...

Family Home Evening treats usually do me in! The problem is we end up making them Sunday and "trying" them, then finishing them off Monday! Good job getting through! That's no small accomplishment!

Gigi said...

Good for you in figuring out the problem and hanging tough. I hope this coming Sunday is even easier than this one past.