Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Plan I can Work with

I am ready to FINALLY work with an eating plan that I can work with. I am making a more REALISTIC goal. I have finally admitted I am not "SPEEDY GONSALEZ" when it comes to weight loss. I am more like a TURTLE, a very SLOOOOOW TURTLE. One pound a week aint' bad!

I am not a calorie counter. It's not me, it becomes too much work to count everything. I realized that when I lost my first 20lbs, it wasn't from counting calories. When I was in Weight Watchers, I was on the Core Eating Plan, which basically was just learning about portion control, eating lots of veggies, lean meats, whole grains, and cutting down on sugar and white flour. And I did this on my own, I still wrote down what I ate and how I felt before and after the meal. It was important for me to learn to eat until I was satisfied and not full.

Here's my plan for now:

- drink 6-8 glasses of water

- journal everything I eat and how much (not count calories)

- weigh myself every week, no matter how I feel. Be accountable!

- Portion Control

- Make sure to have a veggie or fruit in every meal.

- When I am craving for sweets, I will have a "healthier" alternative.

- Exercise 6 days a week. If I can't work out for an hour, do some type of movement. Whether it's a 15 minute workout or a walk around the block. The key is to KEEP MOVING.

- Make each Day Count!

I feel really good about this plan. It's something I can live with. It's not overwhelming and it's realistic for where I'm at right now.

Food for Thought: To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.


Mom on the Run said...

Great plan! I need to write my goals down as well!

Anonymous said...

Very good plan!! Slow and steady definitely wins the race! I can't wait to follow your progress!

P.S. Very pretty blog by the way :)

H.K. said...

Mom on the Run- Now the hard stick with the plan!

Michelle- Thanks for stopping by! I agree, Slow and steady is so much better than not going anywhere!

Gigi said...

I'm where you are - slow and steady - as all other "organized plans" have backfired in the past and I wound up heavier than I started. It has to be something I can live with for the rest of my life - not just for the short run. Good luck.

Cammy said...

It's a GREAT plan! I lost 100 pounds following a similar strategy. I did count calories (and still do, to some degree), but the main thing is to keep moving and remain mindful of what you're doing. Slow progress is still progress!

Wendy said...

sounds like a good plan! good luck!

May said...

I love it! You can so do it, and thanks for the added inspiration!

H.K. said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments, I really APPRECIATE IT!

Crystal said...

I think it's important that everyone finds something that works for them. It sounds like you have done that. And just think, a pound a week is 52 pounds a year...that's not bad.

HopeFool said...

I can't lose fast either. I'm slow and steady, two steps forward and one step back, but not by choice.

Your plan sounds good.

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