Monday, March 16, 2009

Waking up with a hangover...from bagel overdose

I did great on Friday! I was inspired by one of the blogs that I read, and though I wasn't able to go to the gym, I jogged outside with Hubby. I woke up Saturday morning refreshed! My eyes flew open at 6am and I was ready to work out in the gym. I believe I woke up energized because I ate so well on Thursday and Friday. I made a concerted effort to eat my veggies and portion control. I felt good! Then what happened? I blame it on the second slice of pizza.

I wasn't hungry when my husband and son brought pizza to the house on Saturday night. But I also had not eaten for several hours, so I thought I would eat one slice. It should have stopped there because I became full after one slice. I "rationalized" (did you now that rational, actually means rational lies?) that it was a Saturday and I should just go for the second slice. The second helping was quickly followed by lots of bread sticks. Did I mention that it was past 7pm when we ate?

The second slice of pizza started a domino effect. I woke up Sunday morning not hungry and went to church with no breakfast. We came home in the afternoon extremely hungry and though lunch was a low calorie meal, I ate a lot of it. The large consumption kept me full until about 9pm, when I became hungry again. I ate 2 whole toasted bagels loaded with PB and jelly.

I woke up Monday morning not feeling well. I had no energy to exercise and slept in until 9am. I call it the "Bagel Hangover." If I am going to work out consistently, I need to eat better. I can't work out if I don't have the energy or too hungover from excessive food consumption! I feel like throwing in the towel, until I read other weight loss blogs. I become inspired and I know that there are other people out there who are just like me!

Today is a new day!

Food for Thought: What do you do to combat the late night munchies? Do you eat? Do you ignore the cravings?

(Feel free to post this question on your blog and mention where you got it or you can comment about it right here.)


Big Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is my first visit here and am glad I'm here. Looking forward to reading more.

Pizza is a huge downfall for me. I totally heart pizza.

Late night munchies... I try and not eat. Usually if I drink a big glass of water, that'll do the trick.

Crystal said...

I try not to snack at night, especially after 7. I eat my meal and snack before then. If I have cravings, I can normally control them. If not, I try to eat some strawberries with sugar free chocolate syrup. It usually works.

H.K. said...

Big Girl- I never thought of drinking water at night! That really should do the trick, or maybe herbal tea.

Crystal- I love strawberries! I'm going to try using that w/sugar free choc. syrup. Thanks for the tip!

Cammy said...

I try to keep evening snacking to calcium-rich foods as much as possible. A piece of cheese, a container of yogurt, etc. It seems to help me start to relax.

Sally said...

There really is no rhyme or reason as to why our CRAZY eating habits get the best of us. But, just rest assured that you are not alone. BTW, this evening, PMS has lead me to indulge in McDonald's, Girl Scout Cookies, and cheesy popcorn. I have no excuses. Tomorrow, I'll just pick myself up and try to do better. You'll do the same, I'm sure.

Olivia said...

Hi H.K!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It really helps to know that I am not alone in my challenges. :)

I love your positive attitude and look forward to visiting your blog often.


H.K. said...

Cammy- calcium rich foods is a good idea!

Sally- Don't you just hate those PMS cravings? And you're right 2mrw is always another day to do better.

Olivia- Thanks for stopping by too! It's hard to stay positive, but I try!