Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday: Weigh in Day

Tuesday is the day I meet with my weight loss group and get on the weight scale. I was fretting all morning, butterflies in my stomach. I managed to go to the gym in the morning, first time in the past few weeks. (I usually go to the gym with Hubbie in the evening.)

I get on the weight scale, holding my breath...

Should I lean back on my heels or lean towards the front?

If I stand up straighter would it take a few ounces off? Maybe even shave one pound off or two?

I'm tempted to stand on one foot.

The display sign starts to flicker and then settle into a number that... I DON'T LIKE.
I gained TWO whole friggin pounds! I want to kick something, anything. I want to cry and throw up my hands in the air and yell out, "Why God? Why?" Except, He would probably laugh at me and say, "I told you not to eat that cookie."

Sometimes it's so easy to lie to myself that I'm doing okay with my diet. Weight scales don't lie. Flashbacks of the past week came rushing through. I KNOW what I did to gain the weight. The only person I should blame is myself. That's it. No excuses.

I feel like drowning my sorrows in milkshakes. I know that's the easy way, so I'll just drown my sorrows with a cup of herbal tea. Very exciting.

Food for Thought: What is your source of support? Weight loss group? Blogging? Friends/Family?

(Feel free to post this question on your blog and mention where you got it or you can comment about it right here.)


Mom on the Run said...

I have found support in daily email groups with people who have common goals as yourself. I am here for you so let me know if you need anything.

I also have a great doctor who is also helping me!

Crystal said...

My biggest supporter is my fiance Michael. He knows and understands what I am going through. He keeps me accountable by asking me everyday how I did.

Sally said...

My hubby is my biggest source of support some days. Other days, he's my partner in crime. So, really, I read a lot about weight loss/weight struggles on blog sites because it helps to make me feel like I'm not alone (and people are very informative).

Ultimately, though, I know that I am responsible for my own actions. And on those days when I am feeling out of control, there is just no one or nothing that can pry the cookie out of my hand.

H.K. said...

Mom on the Run- Thanks for your support! That means alot.

Crystal- That's awesome that you have your fiance as your support!

Sally- I have the same kind of hubby! He can be an angel, keeping me accountable. And then he can be the devil himself, tempting me to go with him and get ice cream.

Cammy said...

But the scale sometimes DOES lie!! (It's sooo fickle!) You can have weeks where you do EVERYTHING right, and the scale will bounce up. Or the opposite: you can have a gross week and the darn thing will show a smidgen of a loss. The scale is evil. :)

Good for you for taking care of yourself the "better" way!

My support is my family, friends, co-workers, and fellow bloggers. Everyone should be so blessed!