Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Random Thoughts on The Biggest Loser Show

- Jillian the trainer on Biggest Loser scares me. She's tough, she's mean, but that girl can get results! I just don't ever want her to be my trainer.

- I love Bob. I just want to HUG him. He's the polar opposite of Jillian. If he was my trainer, I would hug him after every training session.

- Always make sure you're not wearing mascara when watching. I can't stand it when someone is being eliminated, even when I don't like the person. Hubby think it's funny when I cry. He's such a "sensitive" soul.

- Don't you think Allison Sweeney, the gal that hosts the show, should display some kind of emotion, make some kind of comment, any comment? Not the neutral questions that she asks the contestants that doesn't give us an insight to what her opinions are. I know not her fault, the producers.

- I love it when they show how the eliminated contestant looks like towards the end of the show. Right before the credit rolls, they show a picture of the contestant and what their goal weight or dress size they want to reach by the time the season finale arrives. It seems that most of the women (at least when I've watched the show) all want to be single digit dress sizes. Hey, I think it's great to have that goal. But, I also believe you don't have to be a single digit dress size to look great. It's a sad state of affairs when a size 10 is considered full figured.

- There were two other shows that aired the same time as "The Biggest Loser". I usually like watching "Dancing with the Stars." But it depresses me to watch all these professional dancers with their skimpy outfits draped over their firm, lean, no sign of fat on their bodies. And then there's "American Idol" with Paula Abdul and her wacky commentary...I'll pass this season. I love watching (abbr)"TBL!" I get motivated! I get pumped! I know how these people feel, I can relate to them more than a celebrity dancing or a singer trying to make it big.

- The contestants on "TBL" ran a half-marathon. Watching their determination inspired me. I signed up to race a 5K in May. It's not half-marathon, but it's a start!

Food for Thought: "Do you find watching weight loss shows inspiring?" "Any other weight loss stories that you've read about or watched on TV that are helping you in reaching your goal to be fit and healthy?

(Feel free to post this question on your blog and mention where you got it or you can comment about it right here.)


Crystal said...

I watch The Biggest Loser every Tuesday. If I can't watch it, I DVR it. It's my weekly motivation. And yes, I cry like I know these people everytime I watch it. My mom, who is not trying to lose weight, always cries. Next season I might blog about the show...I don't know. I thought about doing it this year but we are too far along.

Learning to be Less said...

I am totally down with all weight loss shows. Biggest Loser is the best! I did not see some previous seasons and wanted to purchase them but have not been able to find them. There are some good shows on FLN - like Bulging Brides. Lifetime had one too about a group of 5 friends. I am a weight loss show addict so if you know of any others, please let me know!

H.K. said...

Crystal- I'm so glad I'm not the only out there that doesn't cry during Biggest Loser. It is such an emotional show!

LtobeL- I'll check out Bulging Brides and I will definitely let you know if I know of any other wt. loss shows coming up.

Cammy said...

If you signed up for a 5k, you're WAAAY ahead of me! :) Good for YOU!

I watch TBL (it's one of the things that propelled me to get my fanny up and MOVING), but I'm not loving it this year. The main reason I still watch is to poach exercises and to see the peek at how the person who got voted off looks now. :)

(Thanks for doing the survey. I love them too!)

tisha said...

I'm a Biggest Loser fan too. I like watching the show, but wish they would show more of the workout and their daily routine. At least every other show. I like to see the challenges and prizes won, but I really NEED to see how they manage all day long. And yes, Alison, for goodness sake crack a joke once in a while!