Monday, March 23, 2009

Sugar, Sugar, and more Sugar

I woke up Friday morning with a ROTTEN attitude. I didn't feel like eating anything healthy for breakfast. I didn't want a fruit smoothie. I didn't want oatmeal. I wanted my decaf mocha with lots of whip cream and a chocolate croissant, which is exactly what I had for breakfast. The worst part of that breakfast is that I did not feel guilty. I enjoyed every single morsel and licked the chocolate from my fingers!

I try to have a fruit, or light yogurt for a mid morning snack after I have breakfast. Did I have that? No! There were Chips Ahoy cookies on sale for only $2, so I bought it and ate 4 cookies for a snack. And the guilty feelings never came! The strange part is that I didn't crave for sugar at all. I felt satisfied with the mocha and croissant and I really did feel like having a yogurt.

There really was no excuse for wanting the sugar. I wasn't near my period. I wasn't stressed. I just didn't feel like being GOOD. I got tired of the healthy routine and I wanted to rebel. I didn't feel like blogging which usually helps me get out my funk. I didn't want anything to get in the way between me and my rebellious need to eat sugar and lots of it!

The most infurating part of me wanting to eat sugar is that it didn't really taste that good. I didn't enjoy eating the cookies, all I could think of was the healthy yogurt sitting in my refrigerator! I stubbornly ate a few more cookies, drank lots of water, and was conscious of poriton control for my meals. (I really suck at trying to be bad on my diet)

The strange part of all this is that I still exercised. That is the only part that I did not feel like rebelling. I have always loved to exercise. And I never feel like I "have to" exercise. I guess that's why I didn't feel the need to rebel against exercising. Today, I'm back on track. I still want a mocha and a chocolate croissant for breakfast, but a cup of oatmeal will do the least for now.

Food for Thought: Do you ever get tired of always trying to eat healthy and exercising? Do you rebel? What do you do when the "rotten attitude" sneaks in?


HopeFool said...

"I just didn't feel like being GOOD."
I know exactly what you mean. The longer I resist and let that desire to be bad build up, the worse it gets. And if I'm not bad with food, I sometimes do worse things than eat. Serious dilemma for me that I need to overcome.
Good post.

H.K. said...

Hopefool: When I woke up Monday, I still felt like resisting, but knew the person I was hurting myself. So, I ate oatmeal instead of the croissant. Thanks for your comment!

Jenners said...

Hi -- I decided to check in over here today. I totally need this -- I am constantly feeling tired of "being good," which is why is hardly ever happens. I've just started trying to lose weight again -- and the "being good" is back to "feeling deprived," which leads to problems. But then, I was tired of feeling bad by overeating all the time and having an unbalanced diet. I wish I liked to exercise. It would help a lot!

H.K. said...

Jenners: Thanks for stopping by! It is really hard to be "good" all the time. But it definitely is the lesser of the two evils. Congrats on losing weight, it certainly does pay off to be "good!"

Cammy said...

Maybe this will help: