Saturday, March 28, 2009

No more Excuses!

I've been looking at my past posts and realized I never share any good news. It's always about my struggle with weight loss. And since I have started this blog, I haven't lost any weight! When I decided to write a blog about my weight loss which was about a month ago, I imagined that I would write about ALL my successes. I envisioned myself telling everyone how much weight I LOST every week. It has yet to happen. Instead I write about my excuses, my weaknesses, and then I give more excuses.

I was talking to my girlfriend last night and we talked about our attempts to lose weight. After I hung up with her, I got depressed. She was saying that it was hard for her to lose weight because she's a single mom and she works a lot of hours. And then I listed some health problems I have had, and told her if I didn't have them it would be easier to lose weight. I realized that we have been talking about the same excuses for years!

Let's get real! There are many women out there who are single moms who manage to lose weight. And there plenty of women who have health problems and are able to lose weight too. It may be harder for other women to lose weight than others, but it is still POSSIBLE. I realize my biggest problem is that I don't make each day count. I wrote about that in an earlier post! And I'm still doing it! I keep saying, "I'll do better TOMORROW!"

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I don't know if I'll exercise tomorrow or if I'll stick with my healthy eating plan. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or how I'll feel. I just know what it is that I need to do TODAY! And I'm going to make TODAY count!

Food for Thought: "Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today!"


Crystal said...

For me, I have to have a day that DOESN'T count. My day is Saturday and it keeps me sane. My favorite quote is Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, and today is a gift. That's how I try to look at my weight loss.

May said...

My day to binge is Friday! Although, my binging is starting to get worse on those days, so I am gonna limit myself to one bad meal on that day.

Shelley said...

...sometimes I have to learn from the last hour to not wreck the rest of my day!

Love your blog!

H.K. said...

Crystal- I love that saying too!

May - I used to have one day that I could bing too and then it would spill to the other days as well! I think that's a good idea, just one "bad" meal.

shelley- Your're so right! I need to learn not to learn just because I wreak one time, does not mean I have to keep wreaking the wrest of my day.