Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Biggest Pet Peeve

The BIGGEST PET PEEVE that I have is when you bust your butt making dinner and your family doesn't feel like eating or they bring take out dinner. Last night, I knew everyone was going to be home late. One was working out with his football team mates for spring training, another one was running around getting last minute prom stuff done, and the husband was working late. So, I felt bad that everyone wouldn't be able to eat dinner until after 8pm.

I wanted to make a really good dinner. I make the entree and the side dishes and time it, so that when they got home, they would have a nice warm meal. Nothing needs to be heated up. I even made a homemade dessert. Which I usually only do on Sunday. I just want everyone to be happy.

And then I frantically clean the kitchen, set the table, put everything in the warmer and they come home...with takeout dinner. I feel like crying and I try very hard not to (they called me Ms. Sensitivity in high school, it wasn't a compliment). I told them that I would have dinner ready. I sent them a text. I left them a message on their cell phone. I also called them again to make sure they got the message. Yet, they still stroll in with takeout dinner. Their reason? They had to break a $20 bill.

I've lost my appetite (which is probably the only good thing that has happened) and I put away the dinner. Everyone felt bad and apologised. They tried to eat my dinner in addition to the takeout dinner that they greedily eat up. My husband tries to kiss my butt and tell me that dinner was the best dish he's ever eaten. (I personally think he was trying to avoid sleeping on the couch) I don't care at this point. I'm going on strike and as long as I live...I will NEVER COOK for my family again!

(I know I'll cook again, it just felt so dang good to write that!)

Food for Thought: What's your biggest pet peeve?


fatty McButter Pants said...

My biggest pet peeve is rude people. Smart man your husband...kissing your butt. Did he offer to make the next meal to make it up to you?? Just a thought. Family....what are you gonna do?

HopeFool said...

Sorry they were so inconsiderate.
My biggest pet peeve is quiet people - you know, the one who wouldn't mention it if you were standing on their foot. I wanna slap them and yell "CONTRIBUTE!"

May said...

Ew, I would have been annoyed too! Thats happened to me but in different situations and oh lord, you dont even wanna know!

My biggest pet peeve are hypocrites!

H.K. said...

fatty mcbutter pants - Thanks for stopping by! My pet peeve is rude people too, like how my family acted last night!

Hopefool- Quiet people is my husband's pet peeve. When we double date with other couples and he notices the husband is just know it's going to be a long night.

May- I can't hypocrites as well! Wow, I'm starting to realize I have ALOT of pet peeves!

Crystal said...

I'm not sure what my pet peeve is. I hate liars, people who smack their food, people who talk too much, and lazy people. I guess those are mine. Hypocrites too I think.

Sally said...

I've got your back, girlfriend! To show my support, I'm NEVER going to cook again either!!

You're right. It felt good to see that in print.

Big Girl said...

I hear you on this... what else gets me is when I tell The Husband that dinner is ready and continues to do whatever he's doing and doesn't seem to be in any rush to have dinner. I usually start without him.

H.K. said...

Crystal - Smacking food is really up there for me too! It's disgusting!

Sally- Thanks for having my back! Mothers Unite!

Big Girl- My husband does the same thing. I call him the turtle.

Jill Knapp said...

Thank you so much! I think you have a great blog as well! You are so kind. I remember how I felt in the before picture. Putting them both together actually reminds me I never want to go back.

Thanks again for your kind words

Jill Knapp

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