Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I really want that COOKIE!

Today was the first day of my period and my cravings went up the roof! I usually get the big cravings a few days to a week before my period, so I wasn't prepared to be SO HUNGRY! I did not want to cave in. I was determined to conquer that insatiable craving for sugar...I failed miserably.

I did (almost) everything that I learned about combating the sugar cravings. I drank lots of water. I chewed on gum. I ate raw almonds and fruits. There were sugar free jello and puddings in the refrigerator, but it didn't appeal to me at all. I wanted the real thing. I wanted chocolate chip cookies and I wanted it now!

I only get these type of insane cravings when I am near or on my period. It didn't seem like anything was going to keep me away from eating cookies, so I gave in and ate them. I didn't stop at one...or two... I had 7 cookies! If there were more I would have eaten them. I held off to the bitter end and lost.

It is a sad state of affairs when I'm watching the professional dancers on "Dancing with the Stars," wishing I could have a body like theirs as I dust off the cookie crumbs from my pj's. I know you shouldn't compare your body to others, but you can't help it.

My big lesson for today...Don't keep cookies in the house!!! What techniques do you use to combat those sugar cravings?


Gigi said...

Funny - I was brushing off potato chip crumbs off me during the same show. Quel surprise! Anyway, I'm with you - it's best to keep the stuff out of the house altogether. But sometimes, when I've granted myself permission to have an indulgence, it's important for me to have just the very thing I'm craving and if it's not available, I hoover through anything else I can get my hands on. Never a pretty picture. So maybe I need to plan the splurge a little better so I only have a single serving of it but have satisfied my craving with exactly what I wanted.

I like your style of writing. Welcome to blogworld. Don't be nervous - there's a lot of support out there. Take advantage of it. It helps.

Mom on the Run said...

I try to make a/or find a healthier alternative for my favorite sweets of fit them by doing more exercise. I find if I deprive myself of what I am craving I binge on other food I don't really need. It is so hard though and I fell your pain!

H.K. said...

Gigi- Thanks for the welcome and the support! I notice when I feel down about my weight, I read other weight loss blogs and feel better.

Mom on the run- I need to remember to have more alternatives when I'm craving for sweets, thanks for the tip. Sometimes sugar free jello doesn't cut it!

Shelley said...

When it's that time of the month and my chocolate cravings are in the "gotta have it" phase, I have a couple of Dove dark chocolate Promises, which have about 42 calories each. It works because I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate, so it satisfies my craving without my somehow going overboard like I would if it was milk chocolate. Weird, I know...but it does the trick for me.

H.K. said...

Shelley, Thanks for the tip! I'm going to get dark chocolate and keep it around the house.

Anonymous said...

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