Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

I went down memory lane and read a few of my blog posts and I was amazed at how much time I spent being depressed!  It's one thing to acknowledge that I went through several years of depression, it's quite another when you read about it in your own blog!

I was an emotional wreck!

Thank goodness I took charge of my emotional and physical health last spring and stopped feeling sorry for myself.

The journey to to being fit and healthy started with the decision after my surgery in January 2014.  After a few months of recovery from surgery, it was time to get fit!

I started going to Zumba classes regularly in April.  After a few weeks of Zumba, I incorporated Body Pump classes which is a strength training class with weights. 

Within two months I was going to the gym 6 days a week and switched to a Paleo diet.

At the end of July, I dropped one dress size.  By October, I dropped two dress sizes.  

In November and December, I was still going to the gym more regularly, but I backed off on the intensity in my training and in my "diet".  I started to splurge a little more into the holiday festivities and treats but I NEVER took my eye off my fitness goals.  

I remembered the sweat, tears, and dedication it took to drop the dress sizes and I did not want to go back to feeling weak, tired, fat, and bloated.  

Finally it felt good to feel STRONG!

When the New Year rolled around, it was the FIRST time that my New Year's goal was NOT this:

"Start Exercising"

Instead these are the goals I listed for the New Year:

  • Lift Heavier
  • Get Stronger
  • Continue getting Healthier
I still have a long way before I reach the fitness goals that I want to attain, but it feels so damn good to wake up New Year's Day and not feel like crap!!!

And another great thing about my fitness goals? 
 I got this big guy to support me.
He's been great in pushing me to work out harder, smarter, and better.

I'm a lucky gal.


Unknown said...

You look amazing!

Unknown said...

I wrote a huge long comment but it disappeared. I will come back when I am on a computer and not the phone!

tiki_lady said...

connect with me! I can't change my email address so I never get comments anymore, but I am! I've missed you tons!