Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Family Christmas 2013


We have had a family celebration on Christmas Eve for over 25 years. 
Our family is fortunate that we have a two day Christmas celebration!

 My mom is the Santa that provides the stocking presents.
Since the number in our family has grown,
and it's easier to buy only stocking stuffers for two;
the stockings are limited to my nephew Tommy and Moe. 
Traditionally stocking presents are opened before dinner.
 A new tradition for Christmas Eve: 
Christmas Socks
 RM has turned down promotions that required us to move out of state
so that we could be home with Moe during his recovery. 
Though I look forward to the day we move out of expensive California,
I will really miss Christmas Eves with my sister and mother.
And every Christmas Eve we always remark
 on how each other's children has grown.
Delicious Food
Lots of laughter
Festive Music
Great Family
A memorable Christmas Eve 2013
I don't remember a Christmas morning where Moe
 would get up before 10am even when he was little.

Since we arrived home after one am from my sisters,
I was surprised that he was up before noon!

The first presents that Moe opened were an amplifier,
 guitar stand, and a cable.
We tricked him into thinking that he would get
 his electrical guitar next month, when prices were lower. 
He believed us and since he's a bargain hunter himself,
he thought it made sense.
Until we asked him to check outside for any packages....
and there right in front of our door was his
guitar with a big red ribbon in the front.
 He immediately started to plug in his guitar....and played away.

Duck Dynasty (Moe's favorite show) beef jerky to add to his 72 hour emergency kit.
RM loves flashlights.
He lights up (no pun intended)
 when he sees a display of high tech flashlights.
It was only fitting that he received a flashlight for Christmas.
I told RM and Moe that I did not want anything for Christmas.
I did not want material objects.
All  I wanted for Christmas was to have Peace On Earth...
RM scoffed at my remark and reminded me that I used his credit card
 several weeks ago on a shopping spree,
since I was too impatient to wait until Christmas.
So what if I indulged in a few presents for myself.
 I still want peace on earth and one day....
red Louboutin platform heels.

Merry Christmas 2013!


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