Monday, December 10, 2012

A Christmas Tradition without Moe

The first tradition of the Christmas season has always been getting the Christmas Tree.  And this year we got our Christmas tree without Moe- the first time since he was born. 

This year we got our Christmas tree a few days early before December.  Over the years, finding the "perfect" Christmas tree is usually a lengthy process.   (you can read the evidence here and here)

However, we broke our family record by finding a Christmas tree less than ten minutes.  I actually saw the tree that would be perfect for our home as soon as we entered the Christmas Tree Lot.  Of course, RM thought he could find a better tree, but after looking at a few others, he decided to go with the one that I chose. I was surprised.

When I asked RM why he chose a Christmas tree so quickly, he responded, "It doesn't feel the same without Moe".

It was a somber realization that there may be many Christmas Traditions without our son.

We felt some excitement as we decorated our Christmas Tree and tried to forget that our son wasn't home with us.  It didn't take long to decorate the tree, mainly because we didn't have a variety of ornaments.

The excitement we felt quickly dissipated as we sat down and looked at our Christmas Tree- our tree was lacking warmth.

RM and I realized our Christmas Tree needed Ornament Therapy.

 Though it was getting late (almost 10pm), we went to Walmart to buy more ornaments.  We were at Walmart for over an hour, taking our time looking for the right type of ornaments.

When we came home and looked at our stash of ornaments, we knew we needed more- we went back for ornament shopping the next day and this time we went  to Michael's Crafts store:

RM thought our Christmas Tree needed ornaments that were more flashy and shiny.
I felt our Christmas Tree needed to be more whimsical and fun.

The result was this Christmas Tree:  A mixture of both our personalities.

It wasn't our tree that needed Ornament Therapy-  it was us. 
We found a way to create a tradition with just the two of us.
 And we actually had a lot of fun.


wendy said...

Oh I hear ya on the difficulties of developing "new traditions".
This is only my second Christmas here (the other two were spent with my family in Utha)...and it has been sooooo hard to get into "the Christmas spirit". I am working on it.
Because there are times traditions need tweeking I guess.
I certainly hope you have a Great Christmas...Moe will be home won't he??

F. McButter Pants said...

I know how hard it is to carry on and live life different without your kids. The summer my son moved out was hard. It left me all alone. Truly it's taken me a very long time to work through my feelings, in fact I still am.

Good luck, at least you have RM. Cling to each other. You two seem to have a very sweet relationship.

Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

LOVE THIS POST!!! You guys are so awesome.

old world sunflower said...

I luv this post!!