Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road Trip....Vegas Style!

It's taken several days to catch up with work and to blog about our latest road trip to Nevada. 

RM was scheduled to go to Las Vegas for business and wanted Moe and I to go with him.  Moe doesn't start school until the end of September, so instead of flying, we decided to make it into a road trip- our last trip for the summer. 

And another good reason for our trip...Nevada may be our new home!

RM's company may be locating him to Nevada sometime in January or March of next year. This road trip was part fun, part work, and part home hunting.

On our first night to Las Vegas, we had dinner at my brother's home. It is always fun to see my brother and his beautiful family. We left their home close to midnight and checked into the Paris Hotel on the strip.

 The next morning RM went to a business meeting, but as soon as he came back- we headed to Le Village Buffet which was in our hotel for lunch. 
The restaurant was in the hotel, but you felt like you were outside in a Parisian Village.
The shelves in the background contained a variety of amazing desserts.
(Moe didn't want his picture taken, so I had to pretend I was taking a picture of the desserts with just a partial picture of Moe)

One of the great things about this restaurant-  they had a crepe station! This was RM's Nutella banana creme crepe. With our bellies full, we wanted to go back into our beds and take a nap.  But it was time to look at a few homes and check out neighborhoods that were recommended to us.
After several hours of looking at homes and driving around various neighborhoods, we went back to our hotel to get ready for a Las Vegas Show - Cirque Soleil's KA. 

The stage set was amazing. This picture was taken from our seats.

The stunts and special effects were jaw dropping, the costumes were beautiful, the music was powerful, and we were thoroughly impressed.

It was after 11pm when the show ended and went back to our hotel for late night desserts.
  It was a memorable evening.

 On our last night in Las Vegas, we met with some friends for dinner that we have not seen for several years when they moved out of the Bay Area to Nevada. 
 Moe was barely ten years old, when we first met Matt and Kaylene. At the time their oldest son Scott was still a baby and now he's ten years old!
Moe is no longer the "little guy" of this group.

We had such a great time! There was a lot of laughter, catching up, and we already made plans to get together on our next trip.
 After our dinner, my brother told me to come to his sister in law's house where they were hanging out. As soon as his kids saw us especially Moe, they rushed over to give us a hug. Here's Moe giving his cousin Nana a few lessons on the ukulele.
 Moe with his cousin Ben whose new nickname is "The Hulk". 
This is my brother's youngest son, Richard. He didn't like the flash from the camera, hence the confused look on his face.
 RM has the type of personality that kids are drawn to. Sitting on RM's lap is Ben and my sister in law's 3 year old niece Tory who was competing with Ben to get on RM's lap first.

After we spent a few hours with my brother and his family, we said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel. I was ready to turn in for the night, but Moe and RM thought the night was still young (11:15pm)  and they went back out to the Strip to watch the water show in front of the Bellagio. 
It's hard to believe that Nevada may be our new home in the next few months.  Moving is always hard to do- packing, new neighborhood, new ward (church)....yet every move we have made has ALWAYS been an adventure!


wendy said...

MOVING is hard. I really have a hard time "settling in" to a new place. Just me.
I have been here 3 years now, and still don't feel like I "belong".
I need to do a better job there.
TOO BAD you weren't moving to RENO, I have a son and DIL who live there and I would have loved for you to get to know them.
You'll do great there.
I used to go to Vegas twice a year when I lived in Utah....I haven't been there now for, well , 3 years.

septembermom said...

Now that's a road trip! You are definitely going on one adventure after the other :) Great pictures!