Saturday, September 1, 2012


(RM's nieces and nephews were asked to perform the Maori dance for the
"Polynesians for Mitt Romney" rally.)

Last night we watched the Republican Convention as a family.  Moe visited us from school and wanted us to record the event so we could watch it together.

We laughed at Clint Eastwood's unique speech, we were fired up by Senator Rubio's passionate speech, and felt hopeful with Governor Mitt Romney's speech.

At the conclusion of Romney's speech, we stood up in our living room, clapped and hollered with the thousands of attendees at the convention , with Moe being the loudest.

Moe's at an age where he worries about his future after college.  His dream is to play professional football, but he also knows of the importance of having a backup plan and furthering his education by getting a master's degree.  In this type of economy, it's not enough to have a bachelor's degree.

For someone so young, he's passionate about the issues our country faces. 

When I was his age, I didn't have the type of worries that he has.  Back then,  it was a given that when you graduated from college, there would be a job waiting for you.  Unfortunately that's not the case for Moe's generation. 

These days are dinner table conversation revolves around two topics;  football and politics.

I don't know who will win this year's election.  Of course, I have my favorite.  But whoever wins this election, whether it's President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney- I like to think is the person that God would want to run this Country.



wendy said...

I watched it too and laughed out loud during Clint Eastwoods talk. He is still a handsome man I think. Gosh.....I have watched him for a Looooooong time, right from when he was on tv (black and white) in Rawhide.

It certainly is a HEATED election year. I am on the Romney bandwagon too.


Khairul Islam said...
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