Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moe's unusual dream

I was working downstairs when I heard Moe scream from his room. I dashed quickly upstairs to his room and saw him lying down in his bed with a horrified expression. I asked him what was wrong, thinking it was his head hurting him.

He said, "I had a nightmare that there were mice here." And then he settled back into bed with a relieved sigh, and said, "Mom, I'm so glad we don't have mice."

And with a content look on his face, Moe went back to sleep.

I never did get a chance to comment on his unusual dream, since I was still trying to catch my breath from running upstairs like a mad woman.

I felt it was more important for him to sleep - rather than trying to strangle him for causing me a near heart attack.

Just to be on the safe side, I called our local pest control company to find out if there were any mice problems in our neighborhood- there's none.


wendy said...

Oh my Goodness...that is so funny....except for the fact that it darn near gave you a heart attack.
dreams can be soooo crazy.
So did he remember it the next day and more of what that was all about.
Kinda funny that a BIG BOY/MAN such a Moe, would freak out about a mouse.
he could squish them with his fingers (tee,hee)

wendy said...

and for the record

Ashley said...

How is the recovery going? Crazy dream. That would be a nightmare of mine too. But once there was a snake in my kitchen and after that I checked the floor of my old kitchen every time I went in there! I think mice might be worse!!