Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm grateful for an untidy house

Since Moe doesn't live at home, the house is always clean.

I wake up every morning to a spotless kitchen.

Our glass top coffee table is clear of clutter and cup ring marks.

I'm not tripping over Moe's size 16 shoes that are often left in the middle of the living room.

And milk and eggs never run out before its expiration date.

Moe came home yesterday from school and brought a friend from his football team. Immediately our refrigerator and cupboards were raided.

I woke up this morning to a kitchen that had dishes in the sink. The kitchen trash was full and showed evidence of late night snacking. I tripped over Moe's shoes that were left by the kitchen. And there were cup ring marks on our coffee table.

As I tidied up the kitchen and living room, I became aware of how great it feels to have Moe home- and how grateful I am for my untidy house.


tammy said...

I'm grateful for the messes as well...that means my children are home safe and sound.

Happy Thanksgiving friend!!!

wendy said...

That is awesome.
And I you cleaned up that stuff, that your were smiling and giggling
cause that is the "mess" that has built memories for you in the past
and will carry you into the future
A happy son...a comfortable guest

funny, how life is sometimes I think
WOW....seriously....size 16 shoes
I wouldn't want to mess with MOE

septembermom said...

This is a very sweet post :) I'll keep this in mind as I'm cleaning up the continual mess around here. lol

Hope you and your family are doing well, Heather!! Hugs - Kelly