Friday, May 27, 2011

What I learned from Oprah

I was in high school when I first watched the Oprah show. So you might say, I grew up watching Oprah. It became a part of my afternoon routine. I wasn't always crazy about the topics she presented on her show or agreed with some of her politics. However, I've learned some important life lessons from watching the Oprah show.

Here are just a few of those lessons;

- I am finally wearing the right bra! I used to hate wearing bras because they were so uncomfortable. After watching her show about bras, I realized I was wearing the wrong bra size. (when you gain weight, the weight also goes to other places than just your butt and hips- who knew!)

- I wear jeans that fit my body type. One of Oprah's shows was dedicated to wearing the right type of jeans. No more "mom jeans" for me! No wonder my butt looked unflattering.

Here's what "mom jeans" look like:

(Thankfully my "mom jean" phase was a very very very short phase.
If you still own a pair of mom jeans- get rid of them!)

And I had a really big Aha! moment while watching Oprah that made me look at RM in a different light. Oprah had a show about best friends and some lucky viewers along with their best friends were treated to a spa. I was thinking about which one of my good friends that I would want to take and then RM came to mind.

He's one of the few men that I know who likes getting a mani/pedi and enjoys shopping. And I LOVE hanging out with him!

And the latest and one of the most important lessons that I learned from Oprah:
"Turning 40 years old is when you really start to have fun."
I'm starting to believe that.

(pictured with my great niece Elizabeth. I'm a great-aunt!)

I was invited to a friend's house to watch Oprah's last show. It's the type of occasion where I'm glad that I was with a friend. We each had our own box of Kleenex- we never used them. Instead we reflected on the last 25 years and Oprah's impact on our lives.

Her last message to her viewers- "Find your calling in life and be the best person you can be."

After more than twenty years of watching Oprah, weekday afternoons won't be the same.


septembermom said...

I'm going to miss Oprah too. She really had some great shows. I just watched her on the Masters show on her OWN network. She was very inspirational in telling us all to listen to the whisper within telling us which way to move in life. Really wonderful!

wendy said...

YAY---you are back to blogging. You took quite a little break there girl, and I'd check on you always, and wonder how you were.

Yes, it will seem weird to not have the Oprah show in the afternoon after all those years. I still don't think I wear the right bra however, and heaven forbid I wear the "mom jeans"
and yes turning 40 is quite exhilerating actually

and since I will be 60 in September, I am looking forward to (I hope) an eventful, still learning process in this last third, final act....of my life.

wendy said...

I went back and got caught up on your posts since your absenteism (is that a word?)