Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Valentine's Day Weekend

Our Valentine's Day weekend started on Friday with a Country Hoe down! I love to dance, but I don't like to dance with people I go to church or work with.

Can you imagine going to church and hearing someone pointing at you and whispering to someone else, "Wow, did you look at the way H.K. was dancing? I thought it was totally inappropriate for her to dance on the table."

If I'm going to go out dancing, I like to go out dancing in a place where I know absolutely no one. Except of course the friends that are dancing with you. They can be just as crazy as me!

I promised RM that I was going to stick to eating and mingling, and absolutely no dancing- until we were pulled to the dance floor for the country line dancing. It wasn't so bad because everyone that was at the dinner, was out there on the dance floor! We all looked like a bunch of dancing fools together- it was great!

There would be no finger pointing at church on Sunday.

RM somehow slipped out of the dance floor, and sat with some other husbands, who felt it was more fun to talk sports in the hallway.

However, when it came to the slow dancing, I grabbed RM. Slow dancing becomes a sort of power struggle for us- both of us want to lead. So we compromise and take turns leading.

On Sunday after church, RM conferred upon Moe the Melchizedek priesthood. (Click here and here to understand what that means) He was joined by Moe's Young Men leader Brad Burnett, our Home Teachers Marcus Burton and Aaron Turner, the Bishopric (Larson, Grundy, Porter) High Priest Leader Jim Gallovan, and family friend Adam Jones.

RM gave Moe a beautiful blessing,and tears were flowing freely in the room, mainly by me..

We have had a very cold and wet winter, so when Sunday rolled around, it was a beautiful sunny day. A perfect day for a picture.

On Valentine's Day RM was home! He worked out of our home and made his mom's famous English bread pudding for breakfast. It was delicious, and I think it tasted better than his mom's.

Later, RM's long time friend was in town and wanted to take us out for lunch- SUSHI! I love good sushi and if it wasn't so expensive, I wish I could eat it every week. We went to an "all you can eat Sushi buffet" and ate to our heart's content. I believe I ate more than two dozen sushi, and struggled finishing what was left on my plate.

After over an hour of gorging ourselves with sushi, we went home.

RM went upstairs to work, I sat down on the couch in our living room, unbuttoned the top button of my jeans, turned on the TV, and finished eating a bunch of Valentine's Day chocolates (no matter how full I am, there's always room for chocolate), while watching a chick flick.

I heard that chocolates contain a lot of magnesium and I think my body was sorely lacking magnesium.

Can you believe that I still managed to lose four lbs this week? I think it was the magnesium in the chocolates that did it.

Here's my favorite quote for the week:

"Today is the most important day of my life"

Make each day count because you never know what tomorrow brings. Live in the moment!


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a great V Day! And congrats to MO!

Cindy said...

I love this! I just recently vowed to live in the moment more recently. Thanks for the reminder and for the fun read!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Congrats to Moe!
It sounds like a great Valentine's Day!

mother goose said...

like seriously i need moe to take my daughter to her junior prom! come on, you always wanted to see st. louis and the nauvoo temple!!! they would take such gorgeous pictures together. run it by him, i'll run it by her! LOL, but seriously! I think they would really like each other.

DANG, i must be low on magnesium as well, but I wish I had your scale, i swear mine is broken!! and so are my pants because they aren't fitting! How are you doing it? Im close to desperate and I think I may consider ww!
Im the same way about dancing. I wouldnt really care, if I was looking like a hot mess but I'm just looking a mess and not so hot these days!

mother goose said...

ps. can't you just tell when I am using my phone to respond or actually at a computer! LOL

Emma said...

Sounds just about perfect!

Suzanne said...

ha! ha! husband and I fight to "lead" our dancing too! Fun V-day!

wendy said...

I am the worlds worst...WORST..dancer. WORST. I can Karaoke with the best of them, but no dancing for this chick.

I guess I need to eat more chocolate, since you lost 4 lbs and all.
SUSHI is one of my favorite things.

and you have a couple of good looking men there. Great picture and what a wonderful day that was for you guys. Congrats Mo, for being prepared for that blessing.

Red Door Girl said...

I know I am a bit late for chiming in, but I am so happy you had a wonderful Valentine's day. And I have to say, there is something about a son worthy to hold the priesthood that makes me smile. Moe is a handsome young man. I hope all is well...Take care!!!

Ashley said...

"I love to dance, but I don't like to dance with people I go to church or work with." ... You crack me up. I laughed so hard after I read that. But it's so true right?? I loved your being happy post. I needed reminding on some of those things too. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And you must live in such an amazing area. That bridge looks lovely and to be able to walk on such a beautiful trail everyday? How nice.

mother goose said...

Where are you. Yeah beauty needs a prom date. It's too late she's not going but she isn't bummed. But I am. But then again, is rather have no pics than with an ugly guy. We needed your boy