Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taming the Teenager...sort of

(Moe unsuccessfully tries to push me down in the snow. In a house with just boys, I've learned to roughhouse and often win!)

I used to jokingly say that Moe was my son the first fourteen years of his life until he entered high school, and then became RM's son.

Moe entered a stage where he needed his dad more than me. Our special weekly luncheons that started when he was five years old, with just the two of us, became more infrequent. Our luncheons started to include RM, and then one day, it became a weekly luncheon that only included RM and Moe.

Truthfully, I did not know how to handle a teenager who was stubborn, opinionated, moody, and had a head that was harder than concrete....he became me! When you're with someone whose personality resembles yourself, you can either get along or butt heads.

Unfortunately Moe and I were the latter. Rather than trying to understand him, I turned him over to RM. Moe and I maintained a good relationship, but it was not a close relationship- there's a difference.

RM started a new job last year which required him to be gone from home during the week. He worried how Moe and I would get along without him being there to act as referee.

RM gave me these words of advice: "Here's the key to getting along with Moe- just listen. Sometimes its not important to always be right- even when you are."

It is because of that advice that Moe and I not only have a good relationship, it is back to being a close relationship.

I've learned to listen and I believe Moe has too.


Kristina P. said...

You clearly all have a great relationship with one another.

Stephanie said...

Great advice! Seeing that Madeline and Moe are so much alike, I'll use that advice with her too.

The Crazy Coxes said...

So sweet! And RM is so right (but it's hard sometimes!)

Emma said...

That is great.,... I am happy you LISTENED!!!! Great story.

septembermom said...

Tell RM that I'm going to use his wise advice too when I'm hanging out with my teenager. Love this post. What a wonderful story to share.

Guess what? I put up a vlog if you want to come by to "see" me. Hopefully, I don't look too tired :) Enjoy your day!!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I LOVE that picture! :)

And what a great post. I need to remember this with my stubborn kids right now, even though they aren't teenagers (although I'm sure it'll be more prevalent then!).

wendy said...

I am glad you can HOLD YOUR OWN. My daughter totally had to learn to do that with 4 brothers, and of course even myself raising 4 sons.
Great times.

I soooo think Listening is KEY. Cause if they feel like they can talk without expecting the "lecture", and just feel free to open up..........who knows what mysteries unfold.

mother goose said...

ok, so i didn't have your new blog address so it never showed that you were blogging! I have missed ya!