Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moe's Scout Essay

Moe was required to write two essays when he submitted his Eagle application/binder to the Scout Council. The panel that interviewed Moe for his Eagle rank were impressed with the essay that he wrote and wanted to keep a copy of it to show to other Scouts! Here is one of them:

Requirement No. 6 (Statement)

The Scriptures teaches us that faith without works is dead. Most people have ambitions in life but lack that extra step to achieve those goals. At an early age my parents taught me to always pursue what I wanted in life no matter how difficult the task was.

From elementary school to high school I have been involved in many sports including baseball, boxing, martial arts, wrestling, and football. These various sports required a lot of time and dedication. One characteristic that was needed to become successful in these sports was that it required an individual to become a leader. My leadership roles in sports allowed me to use the same skills in my scouting and school career.

One of the many things I would like to achieve in life is to be a professional athlete. There are only a small percentage of people who actually reach the professional status. Knowing this statistic makes me want to push myself to reach my ultimate goal. Each year I strive to improve in every area possible by becoming physically strong, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and increasing my knowledge of the game.

With every award I receive whether being in school or football, helps me get a step closer to where I want to be in life. I have received many awards for my outstanding performance and attention to small detail. The following are awards and honors I have received.


1. World Conservation merit badge

2. Completed Eagle Project


Duty to God (Religious Awards):

1. Completed Deacon Certificate

2. Completed Teacher Certificate

3. Process of Completing Priest Certificate

Honors (Religious Positions):

1. Deacon Certificate

2. Teacher Certificate

3. Priest certificate


1. Two time “Defensive Player of the Game”

2. “Second Team - "All Delta River League Defensive Tackle”

3. Game Captain – Folsom Bulldogs versus Monterey Trails Mustangs.

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